Despite the terrible heat that is now on the streets, we will continue to “hot” topic of heating the house. In terms of raising the price of gas and electricity many owners of private homes reflect on ways to reduce the cost of heating. Some of them used wood for heating instead natural gas, coal.. read more →

A side event during the Meeting of the Parties (MOP) on application of the Espoo Convention to nuclear energy-related activities was organized on the 3rd of June by Ecoclub (Ukraine) together with European ECO Forum and CEE Bankwatch Network. The main goal of the side event was to share and discuss practical experience of Civil.. read more →

The Ukrainian Parliament has recently registered the Draft Law “On environmental impact assessment”. The main aim of this law is to implement a European approach in Ukraine toward the evaluation of the environmental impact of dangerous installations, in order to avoid harm to the lives and health of Ukrainians and the destruction of the natural.. read more →

17 Mar 2014

Ядерний монітор №3


У випуску: Проблеми з будівництвом заводу з фабрикації ядерного палива. Поглиблення співпраці між Росією і Іраном. Різні погляди на завершення будівництва ХАЕС 3,4. Скорочення ядерної енергетики в США read more →

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Letter with proposals can be downoloaded via link (323 Kb): Proposals to the Implementation Commitee read more →

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November 28, 2013 press-release Rights of neighboring countries were ignored when extending the lifetime of nuclear unit in Ukraine November 28, 2013 the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU) decided to extend the lifetime of the unit 1 of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant (SUNPP-1) for 10 years beyond its technically design lifetime… read more →

To all concerned media September, 4 Press-release The lifetime of twelve of 15 Ukrainian nuclear power units expires before 2020. However, government insists on the further use of these units, neglecting a design, risks and citizen rights. The most of Ukrainians, including those living close to NPP, have never heard about such plans. There are.. read more →

Hurry to download new issue of the Nuclear Monitor (Ukraine). Only the hottest news from anti-nuclear battle-front. In this issue you will find: How much Ukrainians will pay for safety of old nuclear reactors? New equipment at ZNPP The finish of the informational tour around ZPNN Open job for the editor of Nuclear Monitor  .. read more →