Climate change

Climate change

Why it is important for us?

Climate change is the biggest existential threat to humanity, it’s also an opportunity for humanity to unite and keep our environment safe and learn harmony with the nature

What is our goal?

Society should recognize the threat of climate change as the main threat of our time. National and local authorities ought to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas and adapt to the consequences of climate change.

What are we doing to achieve our goal?

Creating and supporting qualitative climate policy. In particular, we are supporting Ukrainian Climate Network — an association of 33 NGOs that work in the climate sphere. We are commenting on projects of national law and preparing our own ideas and proposals. Also, every year we take part in international climate talks in which we strengthen ties with world organizations and monitor the actions of Ukrainian delegation.

What have we achieved?

Ukrainian Climate Network actively informs the public about the importance of climate change.

We have been preparing periodical climate news digest since 2016. We already prepared about ten such digests. In 2017, we made comments about 15 national-level government documents. Climate policy is influenced by many factors, so it cannot be said unequivocally that the changes were made due to the actions of the Ecoclub.

Our partners

NGO Ecodia, DRA, Heinrich Böll Foundation

How can I help Ecoclub?

·   Like and subscribe to Ukrainian Climate Network;

·   Help with translation of informational materials from English into Ukrainian;

·   Commenting on our posts and asking questions on our pages on social media;

·   You can organize an educational climate event to share our materials about climate change, or you can invite some of our members to make a speech;

·   For the real heroes: you can ask your local authorities about their climate change programs and share their reply with us;·   Any idea or initiative is important. You can communicate with us here.


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