Zhytomyr has just announced the transition to 100% renewable energy sources by 2050 and is already actively working. Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings is the first step towards economic growth and energy independence of the city. How to save energy and money, save the environment and live in comfort representatives of the budget sphere.. read more →

Complicated access to cheap long-term loans is one of the main obstacles for local governments when it comes to increase energy efficiency and green energy. Activists at Ecoclub are urged to provide more funding to local institutions that will have the task of supporting low carbon measures. On June 19-20, the International Forum of Civil.. read more →

Developing your city and saving the planet in the same time is possible by joining Covenant of Mayors. Signatories of the covenant have to develop a comprehensive plan to reform municipal energy sector in order to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Environmental NGOs have investigated to which extent plans of Ukrainian cities lead to these.. read more →

Burning dry grass turns a small bonfire into an uncontrolled environmental disaster. Last year, such “cleaning” of fields led to the destruction of dozens of household and residential buildings, hectares of forests and meadows, including the famous Valley of Daffodils near Khust, Transcarpathian region. At the same time, tens of thousands of animals and birds.. read more →

Ecoclub collects signatures under a petition to the city authorities to protect the Ustya River. In early March, the Ecoclub registered 12 unauthorized sewage, through which the sewage from the nearby buildings is removed without treatment. This is one of the reasons for the “flowering” of water and the massive loss of fish every year… read more →

In middle of May Ecoclub will go on a study trip to the cities of Western Ukraine. Its goal is to show for initiative communities the best examples of energy efficiency that they can implement themselves. The 145 representatives of the united amalgamated communities and small cities expressed their wish to take part in the.. read more →

On March 16, at the regular session of the Rivne Regional Council deputies will vote for support of the Integrated Energy Efficiency Program of Rivne Oblast for the period 2018-2025. Ecoclub as one of the developers of the program insists on its refinement. The gaps with the current document, such as the absence of strategic.. read more →

Ecoclub has developed a methodology for complex analysis, which, together with partners, will analyze the SEAPs of Rivne, Poltava, Kremenchuk and Khmelnytsky. Based on the results of the analysis of 4 cities, as well as data on the assessment of the above criteria in other cities, we will prepare a national report on the implementation.. read more →

16 Feb 2018

Ecoclub Annual Report 2017


Ecoclub presented to the public a report for 2017. In the presentation you will find the most important activity, events, achievements of the Ecoclub for the year, our partners, financial income and expenses. Contacts: Inna Muliavka, press-officer, NGO Ecoclub, Phone number: +380673634097, Email address: press@ecoclubrivne.org read more →

05 Dec 2017

New Year’s Ecoсlub Workshop

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Ecoclub, together with the members of the organization and visitors, created a winter mood and a festive atmosphere by decorating New Year decorations for the home. Owls from cones, Christmas carvings for the door, Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations from dried fruits – all of the products are made of natural materials and handicrafts.. read more →