Location: Rivne,  Khmelnytskyi ,  Mykolaiv, Poltava, Ukraine Dates: 01.02.16 – 01.05.16 Donors to the action: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Objectives and results of the action: The project aim: to conduct a series of workshops for representatives of local authorities and NGOs to study the work of the ESCO-mechanism and related issues. • 3 two-day workshops in 3.. read more →

The project aim: Prepare and organize two days’ workshop “High School on Energy Efficiency” for interested participants, in particular, energy activists from NGO’s or individuals, energy managers from municipalities and provide them with important and actual knowledge in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy that would be useful for future energy activities and.. read more →

On November 25th Ecoclub activists gave a lesson on energy saving for pupils in Novohrad-Volynskyii (Zhytomyr region). The city is celebrating Days of sustainable energy and eco-activists pleased to have joined the celebration and gave two lessons on  “How to save energy and resources”  for 100 pupils. The aim of the lesson was the formation and development of.. read more →

17-19 October 2016 in the village Slavsko (Lviv region) held a seminar on “Energy cooperatives in Ukraine.” Energy cooperatives – a tool that allows everyone to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Provided that the implementation of such models of self and local communities helps to achieve energy independence and develop local entrepreneurship. Workshop.. read more →

From March National Power Company “Ukrenergo” declares its intention of building high-voltage transmission line “North-Lutsk Ternopil”. Some of electric pillar will pass through the botanic reserve “Kvitucha hora” near  village Mylcha, Dubno district. Despite Ukrenergo statement that construction will not harm nature reserve, eco-activists are concerned, because even now the towers cut down trees and.. read more →

20 Sep 2016

Energizer camp


Location: National Natural Park “Buzky Gard”, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine Dates: 2014, 2015, 2016 Donors to the action: HEINRICH BÖLL FOUNDATION, Regional environmental center Objectives and results of the action: In 2015 – 78 participants and volunteers from different parts of Ukraine and 22 speakers or trainers, including foreign participants, took part in the camp. In addition,.. read more →

International project “Youth and NGO: towards sustainable development” implemented in Ukraine in partnership NGOs and movements: Ecoclub, Ecocenter, IR NECU, Ukrainian Youth Association Climate (UMKA) with the support of the German NGO “DRA”. The project aims to develop and support youth initiatives aimed at improving the life of society can be realized in the field.. read more →

Public environmental organization “Ecoclub” embarrassed by the city government statement of intent to build a water park in the park on Hrabnyk, near the Palace of Children and Youth. We believe that such construction is not justified in the park and damaged it`s vegetation. (Below our position in Ukrainian) Згідно з Державними будівельними нормами 360-92.. read more →

                                                                                                              .. read more →

Ecoclub announces a competition for micro grants for the project “Youth and NGO: towards sustainable development” in Rivne, Zhytomyr, Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia and Volyn regions. The aim of the competition is to develop and support youth initiatives aimed to improve the life of society and can be realized in the field of environmental protection, energy efficiency and.. read more →