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About Ecoclub membership

About Ecoclub membership

13662154_1054056584641617_4682035612233487338_oWhat is Ecoclub and who are the members of Ecoclub?

  • Ecoclub is a non-governmental organization whose purpose is to protect and improve the environment. We believe that nature is a value by itself, regardless of its benefits for humans. Even in times of crisis, the environment should not be destroyed. The members of Ecoclub are people who also hold these ideals and support the mission of our organization. They support Ecoclub in various ways: they come to events, distribute information materials, donate their time or in-kind donations.

Why become a member of Ecoclub?

  • By participating in the activities of a public organization, people contribute to the achievement of change in society. It is for the sake of such changes that will lead to the preservation of the environment, which is our main goal. The presence of members will make our voice heard and allow us to create more positive environmental change.

Additionally, each member of the Ecoclub receives:

  • Membership ticket and branded souvenir
  • Electronic newsletter of the Ecoclub
  • Priority participation in events and events of the Ecoclub
  • Access to office resources
  • Recommendations and other support

What are the requirements of an Ecoclub member?

  • This person has to be passionate about environmental protection, as well as being committed to further green agendas on both a local and worldwide scale. There is also a membership fee and application.

Why pay a membership fee?

  • The Ecoclub currently receives financial assistance for projects from several foreign sources, mainly from the European Commission. However, we spend about 20% of our time looking for funding sources, and our projects are an attempt to reach our goals using the limited sources we receive. Contributions will make it possible to focus on solving even more environmental problems.

Of course, I want to become a supporter! What should I do now?

In order to become a member of the Ecoclub, you need:

  • Fill in the application to join the organization (reference to the application)
  • Submit the application to the office “EcoClub” or send by mail to 33001 Rivne street. P.Mogilev, 28, оф.35, or send a scanned electronically to office@ecoclubrivne.org
  • To pay an annual membership fee of 50 UAH a year (around 2 USD or 1.5 EUROS)

Methods of payment of membership fee:

1) through online payment services – the card number 5582 5920 0025 5514 (in the “Comment” field, enter the “membership fee” and your name, and also consider that such services may require a significant commission for the Ecoclub to receive UAH 50 “)

2) through the bank

Information and details of the bank:

NGO “Ecoclub”, 33001 Rivne city, Petra Mohyly str. 28, offce 35

р / р 26002638167000 PJSC “UkrSibbank”

Bank code 351005

Code of the USREOU 25319429

Appointment of payment “Membership fee and your name”

3) through the LiqPay service:

Your support will help us to act better.