About organization

Ecoclub is an energy-oriented environmental protection NGO based in Rivne. Ecoclub works for the safe future with affordable energy. We have more than 10 years of energy efficiency experience including organizing educational events (seminars, lectures and trainings), street actions, lobbying and advocacy activities and studies. We publish analytical reports and researches; broadcast through media our view of energy policy and energy efficiency.

From its origin in 1998 Ecoclub tries to strengthen the role of civil society in adoption of local and national energy policies. We have implemented the projects 1) Aimed at ensuring public participation in the implementation of the Association agreement between Ukraine and EU; 2) Transparency of local governments’ energy policies; 3) Creating financial tools for cooperation of local authorities and public to foster energy efficiency. Ecoclub implements projects on involvement of civil society into issues of energy policies and propels condominiums. The main financial support Ecoclub receives from Heinrich Boell foundation (Germany, 10 years of cooperation) and European Union (5 years of cooperation).

These are our strategic priorities:

  • involvement of people into shaping and implementing of energy policy;
  • progressive political decisions in energy sector on local and national levels;
  • affordable energy carriers that does no harm to environment and climate.

In 5 years we expect to become an influential CSO, which has more than 1000 members; implement public awareness campaigns about energy consumption; produces analytical papers for local and national governments on a regular basis; controls involvement of public into decision-making process. Ecoclub facilitates a network of local CSOs who work in local energy policy and represents the network on a national level. In addition, we operate a working group of municipal energy managers to consolidate their efforts in achieving higher energy efficiency in their communities. There are 40 people in the group now and it communicates by a mailing list. For the last 4 years chair of the board of Ecoclub leads the working group of Ukrainian NGOs on climate change.

There are 9 people currently employed in Ecoclub: chair of the board, 2 energy efficiency coordinators, coordinator of networks, event-manager, press-secretary, membership officer, accountant and office assistant. Join us atand a Facebook page www.facebook.com/Ecoclubrivne.org


33014, Rivne, Stepana Bandery str. 41, office 95