About organization

Ecoclub is non-governmental organization in Rivne that has been working for over 20 years to preserve the environment. More than 10 of them are in the field of energy saving, because energy has the most detrimental effect on the environment. We believe that nature is a value in itself, regardless of its practical benefits to man.

Our mission

To create a safe environment by influencing policies and strengthening communities.

Vision of Ecoclub

We believe that the unspoiled environment and wildlife are values ​​in themselves. Sustainable development of society will ensure the harmonious development of mankind without harming nature.

We inspire people by 1) disseminating knowledge about the importance of environmental protection; 2) mobilization to participate in the formation and implementation of energy and environmental policy; 3) solidarity and cooperation will allow to take into account the value of the environment at all levels of human existence.

We believe that increasing energy efficiency and the spread of renewable energy sources are vital measures to prevent further environmental degradation, including climate change. Such measures are a priority for the development of Ukraine.

Our values

We work for a secure future with sustainable energy.

We profess non-violence and tolerance and respect different views.

We maintain our independence from political parties and business interests.

We are aware of the impact of our actions on the environment and are working to reduce the negative consequences of such impacts.

Our strategic priorities

  • involvement of people in the formation and implementation of energy policy;
  • progressive policy decisions in the energy sector at the local and national levels;
  • available energy sources that do not harm the environment and climate;
  • taking into account the opinion of communities on the decision to build industrial facilities;
  • an effective procedure for environmental impact assessment in Ukraine, which makes it impossible to build industrial facilities that may pose a threat to people and the environment.

Our projects are aimed at:

  • improving the energy efficiency of public institutions and private houses;
  • improving local and national energy and climate policy;
  • development of other public organizations and initiatives;
  • development of renewable energy sources (in particular, solar);
  • reducing human impact on the climate;
  • reducing the impact of industry on the environment and communities;
  • monitoring of the environmental impact assessment system in Ukraine.

What are we doing today?

  • promote our ideas in the media;
  • we work with civil servants;
  • join the legislative activity;
  • we take part in international negotiations, conferences, workshops;
  • talk about green technologies;
  • we teach to build solar collectors, to insulate apartments;
  • we hold street actions, trainings, lectures, summer camps;
  • promote public monitoring of clean air;
  • we appeal in courts against decisions that allow the work of environmental polluters;
  • study the approaches of other countries to environmental impact assessment;
  • we work together with other public organizations!

Ecoclub team includes: executive director, 4 project coordinators, event manager, assistant, press officer, communication manager, accountant, analyst. Ecoclub has 53 members.

For the last 6 years, representatives of Ecoclub have been leading the Ukrainian Climate Network. From 2019, we will lead the coalition of public organizations "Energy Transition".

The main financial support of the Ecoclub is cooperation with the International Renaissance Foundation, the Foundation named after Heinrich Böll, Kyiv-Ukraine Bureau, the European Union, the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine.


Andriy Martynyuk

Andriy Martynyuk

Executive Director

Executive director of the NGO Ecoclub. He has a degree in environmental engineering, so he taught at the local university in the past, and has been working at Ecoclub since 2003. Sphere of interests — cutting-edge environment solutions for national and local authorities on energy and climate policy.

“I was born and raised in a small village in Dorogobuzh. Apparently, my belief that humankind and nature can live in harmony comes from there. More precisely, people are a part of nature and should realize this and act accordingly.I have managed dozens of Ecoclub’s projects in this area.

Olga Lyashchuk

Olga Lyashchuk

Project Coordinator

Olha Lyashchuk is a project coordinator at Ecoclub. She joined Ecoclub more than 15 years ago during her study at the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering. Last few years Olha had specialized in the vulnerability assessment of communities to climate change and climate adaptation measures.

Currently, Olga is working with the local authorities to develop the relevant sections of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans. She is also leading the institutional development of Ecoclub.

“My son and my daughter are my main inspiration, I like to travel with them and read books to them. I would love to make the world better for my kids.»

Dmytro Sakalyuk

Dmytro Sakalyuk

Expert on energy efficiency

Dmytro Sakaliuk is an energy efficiency and renewable energy sources expert with fifteen years of experience in supporting Ukrainian municipalities in this sector. Dmytro specializes in municipal energy management, including software for energy monitoring, optimization, and technical solutions for energy saving. He has experience in workshops, training, information tours and practical solutions with educational effects.

Dmytro had consulted more than 200 Ukrainian municipalities and worked on implementing energy management systems and energy planning. He also created a revolving fund in Slavuta and helped to create at least four others. Dmytro has been coordinating a project of setting up a solar station on voter utility in Voznesensk.

“I receive a huge amount of inspiration from my wife and two daughters. I enjoy fishing, playing futsal, and cooking on an open fire during my free time”.

Inna Mulyavka

Inna Mulyavka

Communication Officer of the Ecoclub

Inna Muliavka is a communication officer at Ecoclub. She is responsible for running social networks and filling the organization’s website, newsletters, information support of projects, creation, implementation of the organization’s communication strategy, and communication with the media.

Inna received a master’s degree in Ukrainian philology from the National University of Ostroh Academy in 2012.

 Inna is also a co-founder of the initiative for public landscaping of Rivne, “Garden of Stories,” which main focus is planting trees in the city, investigating the city budget expenditures for landscaping, support of green areas of Rivne; popularization of landscaping; creating an urban online map of trees.

“It has been nine years since I realize my goal at Ecoclub, and I am still promoting it through my work. It is spreading the values of preserving the environment and helping people find their place in its protection.”

Nataliia Lytvyn

Nataliia Lytvyn

Project Coordinator

Nataliia Lytvyn is an “Energy Transition” coalition coordinator and NGO’s “Ecoclub” project coordinator. She graduated from the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering and has received a master’s degree in Ecology.

Natalia is working to establish opportunities for Ukrainians to invest in their houses’ energy efficiency and renewable energy. She is charged with project management and communication between partners and other participants. 

“I’m proud to be a part of our professional family, who are working day and night to change the environmental situation in Ukraine.”

Maryna Halushko

Maryna Halushko

Event Manager

Maryna Halushko is an event manager at Ecoclub, who believes in civil society’s power to solve environmental problems. She graduated from the Rivne State Humanities University in 2019 and has received a master’s degree in Ecology.

Maryna started her work at Ecoclub in 2015 as a volunteer. Since then, she has organized more than 50 events. The biggest of them was the HospitalEnergyLab Hackathon for more than 100 people.

“I have a passion for logistics work, enjoy growing plants and hiking. And I also believe that one day Rivne will become the greenest city in Ukraine!”

Nataliia Kholodova

Nataliia Kholodova

Project coordinator

Nataliia Kholodova is a project coordinator at Ecoclub with six years of experience in an environmental NGO as a project assistant and project coordinator. She has a master’s degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology, environmental protection, and sustainable use of nature.

Nataliia has organized information tours on energy efficiency and renewable energy facilities in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia; coordinated Ecoclub’s research on the potential of renewable energy sources in the Khmelnytskyi region. Since 2021 she has coordinated Ecoclub’s campaign against potentially dangerous polluters, and now she is working with the Environmental Impact Assessment system in Ukraine.

“For me, Ecoclub means people who shares values and the desire to do meaningful work. I like traveling around the world in my free time, especially through natural attractions, hiking, walking in the early mornings, doing yoga, and making desserts.”

Olena Kondratiuk

Olena Kondratiuk

Data Analyst and project manager’s assistant

Olena Kondratiuk is an data analyst and project manager’s assistant at NGO “Ecoclub.” She was the author of the research about the environmental monitoring system in Ukraine last year, and now she is doing research about the ambition of energy commitments communities. Olena is currently studying at the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering.

“I’m beyond proud to be a part of Ecoclub’s team because we are directing our efforts to improve the environment state and control its monitoring. Interesting facts about me: I earned a couple of awards for successful swimming performances when I was a teenager. I enjoy doing sports, reading and sometimes painting during my free time”.

Svitlana Tsymbalyuk


Ecoclub`s accountant. She has been a part of Ecoclub for about 20 years.

Responsible for financial reporting and accounting.

In my spare time I love to take care of my garden, grow flowers, vegetables and fruits. And I adore animals: in the area near our house lives a dog, some chickens and a nutria.”

Julia Guziy

Julia Guziy

Communication manager

Julia Guziy is a communication manager in NGO “Ecoclub”. She’s leading Ecoclub’s information campaigns, writing texts, and communicating with mass media. She has experience in journalism in a few regional press.

Julia has received a bachelor’s degree in Ukrainian philology from the National University of Ostroh Academy. She is interested in the topic of environmental impact assessment and renewable energy.

“Writing text and receiving answers to my questions is my passion. And when it all combines with environmental topics which are less known to society, it helps me to communicate socially important information and, of course, to grow professionally. I study languages, travel, and do ballroom dancing during my free time”.

Board of Ecoclub

Oksana Pohl

Oksana Pohl

Member of the Board

Oksana holds a bachelor’s degree in geographic information systems and technology from the National University of Water Management and Environmental Sciences, a bachelor’s degree in geography from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and in land management from the Technical University of Munich. Master’s degree in Anthropogeography and Sustainable Development from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

Author of a climate podcast.

Since 2020 she has been a member of Ecoclub, and since 2021 she has been a member of Ecoclub board.

Oleh Hetun

Oleh Hetun

Chairman of the Board

Oleh is a private entrepreneur in the field of active recreation (rafting, corporate parties, quests, etc.). Another area of ​​work is the installation of industrial GPG-monitoring systems on commercial vehicles.

Oleh spends part of his time working in the public sphere, namely: working with children and youth in Plast NSOU, environmental protection with NGO “Ecoclub”, organizing competitions in water tourism and adventure races.

Education: Master of Ecology.

“I support Ecoclub because I have like-minded people in the field of environmental protection and I believe that the organization is doing a lot of good for this. I have an environmental education and need to implement in this area. I partially realize my knowledge and experience through involvement in the Ecoclub. Now I can spend little time on running or coordinating projects, because I chose the form of involvement to work in the board. ”

Anatolii Onoshko

Anatolii Onoshko

Member of the Board

Private entrepreneur. Education: financier.

“I have always been interested in nature. I am concerned about the state of the environment in which we and our children live, so I try to take every step to keep it clean. One of my first small businesses was the business of procurement of secondary raw materials: waste paper, glass containers, PET, etc. Dreaming of influencing the cleanliness of the environment, I want to be active in the activities of Ecoclub, navigate and take an active part in the organization’s environmental projects. ”

Tetiana Tsykun

Tetiana Tsykun

Member of the Board

Research Fellow at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Institute of Ecology, Evolution and Diversity.

Areas of professional activity – ecology, forest phytopathology, genomics and population genetics of phytopathogens and tree pests.

She actively participated in the activities of Ecoclub as a volunteer during 2002-2005.

Tetiana joined the board of the organization in 2021.

Oksana Holovko

Oksana Holovko

Member of the Board

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences (Ecology), Head of the Research Sector of the Derman-Ostroh National park.

Oksana joined the board of the organization in 2021.


Ecoclub statute

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