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Support Ukraine in the war

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What is Ecoclub Doing and Why?

During this full-scale aggression, the Russian army has destroyed or seized more than 400 educational institutions, at least 36 health care facilities, 1,600 residential buildings, and more than 15,000 kilometers of highways. As a result, dozens of Ukrainian communities remain cut off from other parts of the country—without food, medicine, necessary supplies, water, and electricity.

While Ecoclub’s environmental and energy projects have been partially suspended, our team is supporting Ukrainian war-affected communities, doctors, and volunteers. Thanks to our network of thousands of contacts of Ukrainian communities and partners abroad, we have a most valuable resource.

A month ago, we jointly prepared energy and climate plans for these communities and had been looking for opportunities to develop their energy independence. But today, we are looking for essential items for them – food, generators for hospitals, medicines, and equipment needed to evacuate wounded people.

Support Ukrainians

You can also make a donation to the initiative Help for Rivne, which raises money in Munich, buys humanitarian aid, and transports it to Ecoclub.

Please note:

– You can pay via PayPal. This account belongs to Andriy Martyniuk, Ecoclub’s Executive Director. We are using his personal account because PayPal is not available for use by organizations in Ukraine at this time.

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To see what we have already done, please visit this page.

How Your Donation Helps:

We buy and distribute the items listed below as requested from our contacts in the most affected areas, as well as for the internally displaced people in the Rivne region:

*Most urgently needed: Combat Application Tourniquets (CAT) — these tourniquets cost $30 each and can save lives by completely blocking blood flow to an extremity in the event of a traumatic wound with significant hemorrhaging.

If you want to read more about tourniquets, please click here;

– Medicine: hemostatics, individual first aid kits, turnstiles, pulse oximeters);

– Military ammunition: bulletproof vests, balaclavas, helmets, tactical gloves, etc.;

– Equipment: thermal imagers, power banks, electric generators, quadcopters, portable radio stations, lanterns, electric stoves, etc.;

– Food: canned meat and fish, drinking water, baby food (mixtures, cereals, baby puree), drinking water, animal feed;

 – Baby, women’s, and men’s hygiene products.

What if the War Ends Tomorrow and there is Money Remaining?

After Ukraine’s victory, Ecoclub will continue to work with communities to ensure their transition to 100% renewable energy, including through local sources. 

We will:

  • Develop action plans for municipalities that lead to a fair energy transition;
  • Help create energy cooperatives with people and local government participation;
  • Develop district heating using local renewable energy sources.

Ecoclub will also ensure that the national government will create the conditions to develop everything mentioned above.