Help for Rivne: initiative to support Ukrainian communities and doctors – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Help for Rivne: initiative to support Ukrainian communities and doctors

Help for Rivne: initiative to support Ukrainian communities and doctors

“Peace must be won” teaches a Latin proverb. For more than a month now, and in general for more than 8 years, Ukrainians have been gaining peace, each in his own place: as soldiers – at the forefront; as medics, rescuing the wounded from bullets and the effects of explosions; as volunteers, searching for and purchasing ammunition and equipment, evacuating people from the occupied territories; as journalists – showing the world what is really going on; as patriots of their country – with flags in support of Ukraine from Kherson Square to Trafalgar Square or Toronto streets.

During the full-scale aggression, the Russian army destroyed or seized more than 400 schools, at least 36 health facilities, 1,600 homes, and more than 15,000 kilometers of roads. As a result, dozens of Ukrainian communities remained cut off from other parts of the country: without food, medicine, water and electricity  

One of the most valuable resources of Ecoclub is a network of contacts both inside the country and abroad. So this month, thanks to the Help for Rivne initiative, developed by Ecoclub Executive Director Andrii Martyniuk and Board Member Oksana Pohl, we have partially suspended our energy and environmental projects and gained peace by supporting communities and doctors. Thanks to the joint work, we have already managed to raise more than € 60,000. As of today, we have spent € 40,000 and bought medicines and first aid kits, which have already been donated to several communities in Ukraine.

During the month of the war and in cooperation with other involved volunteers we sent humanitarian aid to ten communities in Ukraine and continue to collect inquiries and address solutions:

Myrnograd Central City Hospital received drugs for pediatric and surgical wards. We also sent flashlights and batteries. NGO “Eastern field” helped to provide aid.  

Pryluky City Council received from Ecoclub medicines (mostly dressings), food, and hygiene products, which will soon be handed over to the citizens in need  

NGO «The City of Sun» in Mykolayiv have recieved lanterns, power banks, batteries, socks, sleeping pads, insulation tapes, binoculars and goodies

Hlukhiv, Obukhiv, Merefa, Fastiv and Lubianka communities received medicines.

The aid purchased with Help for Rivne initiative was delivered to: 

  • The head of the 100% Life Network, Yuriy Lazarevych, received € 10,000 worth of medicine from Ecoclub and distributed it to medical institutions in Kyiv, Boiarka, Berezan and Cherkasy.
  • Ecoclub helped with hemostatic turnstiles, backpacks, medical equipment, surgery tools, doctors and volunteers from Rivne, Dobropillya, Zhytomyr, Poltava, Chernihiv, who provide first aid and help evacuate the wounded from the front line.

If you also have a request for help, please fill out the form at this link

We do not guarantee that we will resolve all issues, but we will do our best to help everyone who comes to us. 

We are grateful to all the donors, our partners, and all the people from abroad for whose donations we can support communities! 

Slava Ukraini! Glory to Ukraine! Let’s bring victory together! 

Photo credits: Ivan Kozachenko