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Dmytro Sakalyuk

Dmytro Sakalyuk

Expert on energy efficiency

Dmytro Sakaliuk is an energy efficiency and renewable energy sources expert with fifteen years of experience in supporting Ukrainian municipalities in this sector. Dmytro specializes in municipal energy management, including software for energy monitoring, optimization, and technical solutions for energy saving. He has experience in workshops, training, information tours and practical solutions with educational effects.

Dmytro had consulted more than 200 Ukrainian municipalities and worked on implementing energy management systems and energy planning. He also created a revolving fund in Slavuta and helped to create at least four others. Dmytro has been coordinating a project of setting up a solar station on voter utility in Voznesensk.

“I receive a huge amount of inspiration from my wife and two daughters. I enjoy fishing, playing futsal, and cooking on an open fire during my free time”.