Energy and climate internships in Germany for representatives of local government and NGOs – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Energy and climate internships in Germany for representatives of local government and NGOs

Energy and climate internships in Germany for representatives of local government and NGOs

We invite for internships representatives of local self-government bodies, public organizations and NGOs that work on sustainable development, green recovery, energy efficiency, RES, and adaptation to climate change. 

NGO Ecoclub in cooperation with DRA announces the competitive selection of participants for an internship in Germany (Berlin and other cities) for six weeks (October  – middle of December) as part of the project “Shaping structural change in Ukraine’s coal regions”. 

Aim of this internship is to: 

– Share your knowledge and learn about sustainable development, green recreation, energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change adaptation in Germany.

– Become part of the German-Ukrainian network on the topics of structural change and socio-ecological transformation.

– Find new partners in Germany.

Possible topics/field work for the fellowships 

– Green reconstruction 

– Develop campaigns/public relations strategies to communicate knowledge about the problems and dangers of the coal industry for people and the environment and about the challenges and structural change facing the coal regions in Ukraine.

– Socio-ecological transformation: ways of civil society participation and political participation. This includes social restructuring of the regional economic and social system by creating new economic sectors and jobs in the ecological sphere.  

– Science: examples of transformation processes in coal regions, steps towards decarbonization, diversification of energy sources.

– Sustainable economic growth and decent work for all – how to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work in the context of eco-innovation.

– Resilient infrastructure and sustainable industrialization – building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and supporting innovation.  

– Sustainable and modern energy for all – ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and timely energy.

– Sustainable cities and settlements – making cities and settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

 The program will include the following components

– Communication with professionals in relevant fields.

– Work on the projects of a hosting organization. 

– Periodical communication with DRA representatives.

Terms of Internship

– The organizers of the internship will cover the travel expenses and all costs incurred for the meetings in Berlin.

– The participants receive a scholarship in the amount of 2.700 € for accommodation and food.

– The Internship will last for six weeks, during October–December of 2022.

– If necessary, it is possible to receive additional payment for participating in this Internship with a minor child.

– The participant consents to the use of all information created during the Internship for conducting the project`s information campaign. 

To join the internship program, you must

– Work with one of the mentioned above topics.

– Be at least 18 years old.

– Have an upper-intermediate (B2) or higher English/German level.

– Be ready to work independently.

– Provide information to representatives of Ecoclub and DRA about the progress of the Internship.

– Have a clear goal (writing informative materials/research/analytics/etc.) that you want to achieve during the Internship – would be an advantage).

– Be vaccinated against COVID-19.

– You are obliged to get additional insurances independently (health insurance and liability insurance.

– The hosting organization will be selected individually for each participant.

Fill in the application by September 30: 

  The internship takes place within the framework of the project “Shaping structural change in Ukraine’s coal regions”, which is implemented in cooperation with DRA e.V. and with the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office.

DRA e.V. is an international non-governmental charitable organization that works in the field of education, democracy, ecology, public initiatives and human rights. DRA e.V. connects people and organizations and strengthens contacts between different sectors of society.