European business donated solar power plant to Mykolaiv municipality – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

European business donated solar power plant to Mykolaiv municipality

European business donated solar power plant to Mykolaiv municipality

A solar power plant (SPP) on the roof of a utility company has been launched in the Mykolaiv municipality. It has a 20 kW of capacity and an additional storage system of 40.8 kWh. The SPP will cover part of the electricity consumption and provide backup power when the building is disconnected from the grid.

With this project Mykolaiv has begun the path to energy independence. Its cost 22 214 euros. The equipment for the installation of the solar power plant (solar panels, inverter, and batteries) was provided by the Polish company Menlo Electric in partnership with the manufacturer of solar inverters, batteries, Deye, and the manufacturer of solar panels Jinko Solar. Part of the funds were allocated from the community budget to develop the necessary documentation.

Solar Service LLC installed the station for free. The contribution of Ecoclub was 4 300.

“We chose to install a solar power plant in Mykolaiv because this city is close to the frontline and is heavily affected by shelling. It is crucial to have an alternative power source for critical infrastructure. This is one of the 11 projects the company is implementing in Ukraine and reflects our continued support for Ukrainian communities in this difficult time,” comments Oleksandr Piskun, Country Director of Menlo Electric Ukraine.

The solar power plant was installed with the assistance of the NGO Ecoclub as part of the Solar Aid to Ukraine project. Its purpose is to help critical infrastructure facilities such as hospitals and water utilities to receive backup power supplies. The plant will also help save the community money on utility bills and reduce dependence on coal and gas.

“For the city of Mykolaiv, energy efficiency and climate protection changes are vital. That is why we are happy to continue supporting and initiating projects that help to increase energy independence and preserve the environment for future generations,” comments Deputy Mayor Vitalii Lukov.

“It is important for Ecoclub to support Ukrainian communities on their way to energy independence. With our assistance, ten solar power plants have been installed for the needs of communities. Such projects are already bringing benefits: they protect public utilities from possible power outages and save money,” says Dmytro Sakaliuk, an expert at the NGO Ecoclub.