Solar power plant boosts energy security at maternity hospital in Nizhyn – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Solar power plant boosts energy security at maternity hospital in Nizhyn

Solar power plant boosts energy security at maternity hospital in Nizhyn

A solar power plant (SPP) with a capacity of 80 kW has been installed at the Nizhyn City Maternity Hospital. It operates in conjunction with batteries that store electricity, ensuring greater energy security for the medical facility. As a result, visitors receive medical services without interruption, even during emergency or scheduled power outages.

The medical facility sees the birth of about 900 babies and performs over two thousand surgeries annually. A stable power supply is crucial for saving patients’ lives and carrying out scheduled surgeries.

“If babies are born weighing less than 500 grams, they need to stay on a ventilator for an extended period. These devices must function smoothly. The solar power plant installed for the maternity hospital will assist in achieving this,” said Valeriy Yakuba, General Director of Nizhyn City Maternity Hospital.

The project was implemented by the Yellowblue Force Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, in collaboration with the NGO Ecoclub, and with financial backing from the Pfizer Foundation, facilitated by the Leleka Foundation.

“Since the onset of the full-scale war, the enemy has deliberately targeted Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and bombarded civilian sites, including hospitals. This endangers the proper functioning of our medical system. Therefore, in partnership with our allies, we are working to ensure that patients receive all necessary medical care without interruption, even under critical conditions. Modern technologies enable us to enhance our energy security by installing solar power plants. We are thankful to our partners for their cooperation and support, which will help guarantee our patients’ access to medical services regardless of the circumstances and actions of the Russian invaders,” said Viktor Liashko, Minister of Health of Ukraine.

The cost of the solar power plant is UAH 4.3 million.

“We understand that supporting the transition of communities to create their own energy independence and security is not only relevant but crucial, especially given the increasing attacks on critical infrastructure and potential blackouts,” said Yulia Danyshchuk, head of the Light for Hospitals program at the Yellowblue Force Foundation.

The solar power plant has been operational for over three months. During this period, it has generated 20.94 MW, saving 35.9% of the total electricity consumption. In monetary terms, this compared to approximately UAH 149 thousand in electricity bills. The healthcare facility can now allocate these savings to other energy efficiency measures.

This year, in collaboration with communities, Ecoclub will install another 30 solar power plants for water utilities and hospitals.

“We have received more than 600 requests for the deployment of renewable energy sources. This means that every second community in Ukraine has approached Ecoclub with the idea of cooperation. Municipalities understand the importance of achieving energy independence and are actively seeking funds and partners to implement these projects,” says Dmytro Sakaliuk, an expert at the NGO Ecoclub.

The Nizhyn community does not plan to stop with this project. They aim to install several more solar power plants for critical infrastructure.

“Our community, like many others, suffers from attacks on energy infrastructure, leading to frequent power outages. Energy independence is a priority for every community, and Nizhyn is moving in this direction. We plan to equip all critical infrastructure facilities with solar power plants independent of the general grid, which will help minimize the impact of outages,” said Oleksandr Kodola, Mayor of Nizhyn.