Solar power plant at a hospital in Zhytomyr produced its first kilowatts – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Solar power plant at a hospital in Zhytomyr produced its first kilowatts

Solar power plant at a hospital in Zhytomyr produced its first kilowatts

A 48 kW solar power plant (SPP) has been commissioned at Zhytomyr Hospital No. 1. Its operation will increase the security of the medical facility’s energy supply as it will work in tandem with a generator. Patients will continue to receive medical services regardless of possible Russian attacks on the energy infrastructure.

If necessary, the medical facility can provide care to 118,000 patients. Last fall and winter, the hospital’s buildings were cut off from the power grid several times during rocket attacks. Each time, the outages lasted from two to five hours, putting patients’ lives at risk:

“Even though the hospital was powered by a backup diesel generator, it could not provide electricity for all electrical equipment. The work of the intensive care unit, where patients in critical condition were treated, was at risk. The solar power plant will increase energy security, so we are happy about this project,” says Volodymyr Mordiuk, director of Hospital No. 1 of the Zhytomyr City Council.

The project was implemented by the NGO Ecoclub as part of the Solar Aid for Ukraine initiative. The equipment for the solar power plant was provided by the Czech company SOLSOL s.r.o. together with the non-governmental organization NESEHNUTÍ. It cost 926 000 UAH, and another UAH 408 000 UAH was spent on installation.

“Our company learned about Zhytomyr’s intention to switch to 100% renewable energy sources. This was a good reason to start cooperation. It is important for business to get involved in the reconstruction of Ukraine in a practical way and implement projects together that will help communities achieve energy independence,” says Michal Hrabi, Chief Operating Officer of SolSol s.r.o.

This is Zhytomyr’s first experience in installing solar power plants for critical infrastructure. The municipality has committed to fully switching to renewable energy sources by 2050, so this project is providing the experience for future projects. According to preliminary calculations, the SPP will save up to UAH 307 thousand at the current electricity tariff. The savings will be used for other energy efficiency measures:

“This is the future for the city. The operation of the solar power plant is economically beneficial, environmentally friendly and energy independent. We are ready to be an example for other communities, to show that absolutely everything is possible,” emphasizes Serhiy Sukhomlyn, Mayor of Zhytomyr.

As part of the Solar Aid For Ukraine project, Ecoclub helps municipalities install solar power plants for the needs of hospitals and water utilities. In particular, in June 2023, SPPs in Sumy and Dubno (Rivne region) produced their first kilowatts. Last year, we installed a SPP for a hospital in Zvyagel (Zhytomyr region). The community saw the benefits of its operation and this year allocated funds to install a plant for the water utility.

“Our goal is to show that renewable energy sources are available and can contribute to victory. By the end of the year, we plan to equip 10 critical infrastructure facilities in different regions of Ukraine with solar panels,” says Dmytro Sakaliuk, an expert of the NGO Ecoclub.

Learn more about the project and how to get involved here.

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