Invitation to participate in preparation of the Public Environmental Assessment/Expertise concerning the project on completion of nuclear units 3 and 4 at the Khmelnytsky NPP 3,4

Currently the project for completion of nuclear units 3 and 4 at the Khmelnytsky NPP is under public discussion. It is planned to use the outdated Russian VVER -1000-392 B at an old unfinished base. An Environmental Impact Assessment provided for the public contains contradictory and incomplete information regarding safety fears and whether the power plant will be free from any sort of failure.

The Public hearings that had been held in Slavuta, Ostrog, Netishyn, Khmelnytsky and other locations demonstrated that the local population of the Region perceives this construction project as being rather ambiguous. Lack of clarity and ambiguousness regarding what will be built on the industrial ground of the Khmelnytsky NPP has increased overall distrust to this dangerous project and has caused some tension within the community.

National Ecological Centre of Ukraine and Ecoclub offer:

  1. To conduct a national level public campaign to prevent this dangerous and impractical project from ever been implemented.
  2. Conduct a Public environmental assessment/ Expertise of the KhNPP and in particular units 3, 4 in order to get an objective description of the KhNPP 3, 4 construction project. It is necessary to conduct an independent safety assessment of the project, its impact on environment, health, economic feasibility, to provide information on other available alternative projects.
    It is necessary to gather experts in the following areas

    • Safety within nuclear power units and their operation,
    • resistance of reinforced-concrete structures,
    • cooling of industrial capacities,
    • impact of low doses of radiation,
    • economic indicators assessment concerning  construction and operation of nuclear units
    • technical and economic problems in operations with spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste,
    • other interested specialists.

Terms of cooperation are discussed separately.

We await your reply. Your participation is very important!
Together we can stop this dangerous project implementation!




Arthur Denisenko

Energy Program coordinator of the National Ecological centre of Ukraine
044 353 78 41
050 160 27 14
arthur.denisenko at

Andriy Martynyuk
Chair of the Board
CYNGO Ecoclub