Building local capacity for domestic solar heating, hot water and insulation for rural and remote areas in the EEC region

Dates: 01/01/2011-31/12/2015.

Location: Ukraine, Georgia (main implementation); Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Russian Federation.

Donors to the action: Directorate–General (DG) EuropeAid Development and Cooperation of the EC.

Objectives and results of the action:

The action will contribute to improved health, reduced poverty and increased energy security in 22 rural communities in 7 EEC countries, through demonstrating domestic solar heating, hot water and insulation measures, based on available local capacities and materials, and creating institutional capacity for up scaling via certified trainers and craftsmen and women, while formulating lessons learned for effective financial, institutional and legal instruments for widespread replication of sustainable energy options. Main results:
• The technologies (solar water heaters, solar heating and insulation measures) are disseminated and up scaled through re-granting in 22 communities in 7 countries in Eastern Europe and Caucasus
• The majority of the population of is convinced of the benefits of solar energy and insulation; wide-spread use of solar collectors, insulation or solar heating, people are feeling ownership and being convinced of the benefits for their own wellbeing.
• NSAs offer integrated approach to implement and operate household solar energy and insulation; Trained craftsmen/women offer construction and maintenance services
• Communities use participatory gender sensitive assessment, monitoring, and evaluation methods.
• Access to political and financial instruments as well as public demand for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy are available, enabling environment for up scaling