The energy efficiency of Ukraine’s economy is several times lower than the EU average. With rising energy prices, the maintenance of upkeep of public facilities is becoming more expensive and requires more funds from local budgets. There are about 1.7 thousand hospitals and 10.2 thousand clinics in In Ukraine which need the energy modernization. Almost all buildings were built before 1990 and do not meet modern energy standards. According to the State Agency for Energy Efficiency estimation, after the introduction of the energy management system, they will be able to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

Project goal: To increase the efficiency of energy management in hospitals of Ukraine by training specialists and disseminating this knowledge among managers of hospitals and utilities.


  • To increase knowledge of technical features of energy management among representatives of hospitals and city authorities, who are responsible for energy efficiency in hospitals.
  • Improve understanding of energy management in hospitals.
  • Increase competencies in fundraising for the implementation of energy efficiency projects in hospitals.
  • Help to prioritize energy management tasks for the highest efficiency of heat and electricity use in hospitals.
  • Adapt the training concept on “Energy Management in Hospitals”
  • Develop training materials for distribution among energy managers covered by Ecoclub networks and partners and post them on the Ecoclub website (
  • Develop a final report with recommendations for the implementation and teaching of such a course for representatives of city councils and hospitals.

Project duration: February-May 2019 .

Project partner: GIZ Ukraine.

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