Stop illegal dumping on the Ustya River!

Ecoclub collects signatures under a petition to the city authorities to protect the Ustya River.

In early March, the Ecoclub registered 12 unauthorized sewage, through which the sewage from the nearby buildings is removed without treatment. This is one of the reasons for the “flowering” of water and the massive loss of fish every year.

This is because some of the houses near the river still do not have a sewage system, and the inhabitants of the houses do not use the assemblies and discharge their waste water into the river.

Preserving the river, supporting it in the proper sanitary and epidemiological situation should be the first among the priorities of the city. The reservoir influences the health of the inhabitants, the microclimate, the humidity of the air in the city, promotes its adaptation to climate change. It also forms the aesthetic perception of the Rivne and creates opportunities for recreation of dams near water.

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Inna Muliavka, press-officer, NGO Ecoclub,

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