Energy Services contracts: new opportunities in the field of energy efficiency Ukraine

Location: Rivne,  Khmelnytskyi ,  Mykolaiv, Poltava, Ukraine

Dates: 01.02.16 – 01.05.16

Donors to the action: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Objectives and results of the action:

The project aim: to conduct a series of workshops for representatives of local authorities and NGOs to study the work of the ESCO-mechanism and related issues.
• 3 two-day workshops in 3 cities were conducted. During the workshops were explained new legislation in the area of energy service contracts for public officials from the local level of government and representatives of civil society organizations. Experts in the field of energy service contracts were involved in the workshop.
• leaflets about energy service contracts were developed and printed. The leaflets were distributed through the network of energy managers organized by Ecoclub in 2015. in the framework of training on energy efficiency directives held in the spring of 2015.