Improving energy efficiency in budgetary institutions and residential buildings in the city of Rivne.

Location: Rivne, Ukraine

Dates: 1.11.16 – 15.12.16 

Donors to the action: HEINRICH BÖLL FOUNDATION

Objectives and results of the action:

The project aim: attracting the public attention to energy saving problems in residential buildings and budget facilities in the city of Rivne through thermal imagery of secondary schools and energy audits of condominiums.
• 10 secondary schools were inspect using a thermal imager;
• position paper to the local authorities, with short description of the thermal inspection and recommendations for each school was prepared.
• 4 energy audits of condominiums were held after competition between all condominiums in Rivne.
• The results of the energy audits were presented during the events for condominiums heads;
• 12 posters illustrating the results of the research were placed at the doorways of the audited condominiums and exhibited for public review in the place with free entrance (‘InfoHub’).