Information tour “Energy independency is our common deal” – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Information tour “Energy independency is our common deal”

Location: Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odessa, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhhorod, Kamyansk, Lubny, Kremenchug, Poltava, Rivne, Kyiv, Ukraine

Dates: 15.10.2016-31.05.2017

Donors to the action: HEINRICH BOLL FOUNDATION, National ecological centre

Objectives and results of the action:

The project aim: to conduct information and education work with the people on the interrelation between energy efficiency, RES and climate change; development of existing and establishing new contacts with NGOs and activists; setting up work with local authorities in the tour cities; bringing energy efficiency, climate change and adaptation to local media.
• 17 NGOs and 11 selected volunteers (from 78 applied) working together;
• 10 cities with a total population of 3 237 431 people were visited. During the tour we communicated with more than 12 000 visitors, in average 1200-1300 per city;
• 88 people interested in environmental issues provided us with their contacts;
• more than 30 different publications (more than 15,000 copies) were distributed;
• 14 meetings with local authorities and local activists were held. Representatives of local organizations attended all official meetings with government officials.
1293 cards-petitions to the Prime-Minister of Ukraine were signed by visitors during the tour. The petition is meant to draw attention of the Government to the necessity to allocate more resources in the budget for energy efficiency measures.
• In addition: in Mykolaiv, 171 signatures against raising the level of Alexander’s reservoir to the mark of 20.7 m were collected; and in Uzhgorod, 110 signatures under the petition for the conservation of the city’s blue and green areas were collected.