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Communities advance sustainable energy solutions (CASES)

Project goal: Foster local sustainable energy projects that are implemented in cooperation by citizens, business and local authorities. 

The project aims to foster emergence of sustainable community-owned energy solutions. In order to achieve that we will train 36 representatives of local authorities, business and residents in sustainable energy management, project management, regulations and public participation. We will also help them to design their own energy projects.

Later, the projects will be discussed in the 12 communities participating in the project and will be finalized as applications for funding. Three to six best proposals will be co-financed by the project up to 50%, the rest will be contributed by the community. Sustainable local energy projects will deliver the first outcomes within the project duration, but their complete implementation is expected to exceed it. All project activities and results will be widely disseminated to all local authorities of Ukraine through the media and social networks.


  • Trainings for 36 representatives of local authorities, business and residents for joint planning of energy projects. 
  • Support of development of innovative energy projects and engagement of interested stakeholders in 12 communities. 
  • Co-funding of 2-4 pilot projects for sustainable energy development.

Project duration : November 2019 – October 2020.


In Baranivka the roof of the interschool resource center was repaired and a 10 kW solar power plant was installed. The station generates energy for the lighting of the center and the operation of training and office equipment.

Electricity generation is broadcast online, and anyone can get advice on installing such stations. A separate training will be conducted for business representatives on all the features of the installation and use of solar power plant.

In Voznesensk a 50 kW solar power plant has been installed to meet the electricity needs of Voznesensk Water Supply Company.

Solar Power Plant in Voznesensk

Infosheet about the project details