Ecoclub discussed the challenges and successes of Ukrainian energy in Belarus

On April 12, in Minsk (Belarus)  representatives of local authorities, public organizations from the 3 districts of Belarus  and the Department of Energy Efficiency of the Republic of Belarus got together and held a training on energy management and monitoring.

During the training Dmytro Sakalyuk, an energy efficiency expert of Ecoclub, presented on the experience of Ecoclub’s cooperation between the public and authorities on improving energy efficiency in the communities within the framework of the CLEEN project.

Particular attention was paid on this issues of organization of energy management and energy monitoring in the field. After covering the theories, there was a 2-hour session in question / answer format, regarding the practical aspects of system implementation in the districts.

The result of the training was an agreement and a desire of the 3 districts to implement energy monitoring as a voluntary commitment.

The training took place within the framework of the project “Ecological Management as a Tool for Enhancing the Capacity of Local Communities for Sustainable Development”, funded by the German-Belarusian Support Program 2016-2019.



Дмитро Сакалюк розповідає про виклики та успіхи української енергетики
Дмитро Сакалюк розповідає про виклики та успіхи української енергетики

Presentation of Belorus energy policy indicators













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