Ecoclub helped Chupakhivskii kindergarden to install solar panels for heating water – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Ecoclub helped Chupakhivskii kindergarden to install solar panels for heating water

As a result of the cooperation of Ecoclub and Chupakhivka Amalgamated Community (Sumy Oblast),  the kindergarten “Sonechko-1” (Chupahivka village) received both polycrystalline solar panels and a boiler.

The realization of this project will significantly save energy costs in the preschool “Sonechko-1”. Solar panels were manufactured and mounted on the roof  of the kindergarten by LTD “Ekotek Ukraine”, the boiler was equipped in a canteen. 50% of the costs for the manufacturing and installation were provided by the German partners of Ecoclub – Women Engage a Common Future, and another 50% are from the Chupakhivka Amalgamated Community.

“Energy efficiency and independence are important priorities, not only at the national level, but also at the local level. The role of alternative energy sources can not be overestimated here. It is not only saving energy, but also provides enormous benefits for the environment and climate. The installation of a solar panels in Chupakhivka kindergarten is the first development of alternative energy sources in the budget sphere of our community. It is important  to include that the insulation of the facade of the kindergarten and building number 1 of theChupakhivka secondary school, is planned this year, and the capital repair of building number 2 is laid out in this procedure. We will continue to implement and support alternative energy saving methods”, – commented Olha Andolenko, assistant of Chupakhivsky village, chairman on issues of the activity of executive bodies of the council.

Ecoclub has also helped to install solar collectors for the kindergarten in the Manevychi village  (Volyn region), Nadia school in Lviv, Kolky school (Volyn region), correctional facility in Gorodyshche (Rivne Oblast), correctional facility  in Manevychi,as well as, over 20 private households. At the moment, a solar collector is planned to be installed in a family-type orphanage in Novograd-Volynskyi (Zhytomyr oblast).

Ecoclub is happy to share its experience in the field of construction of solar installations with all interested parties.


Inna Muliavka, press officer of NGO Ecoclub
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