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Energy management in hospitals: saving money and comfort

The cost of energy consumption in budgetary institutions of Ukraine is three times higher, compared to European countries. Due to inefficient energy consumption, obsolete infrastructure and lack of energy management, the Ukrainian budget loses a considerable amount each year.

Gradually, the situation is changing: in recent years, the number of energy efficiency projects in municipal medical institutions has significantly increased, which in turn confirms:
– reduction of energy consumption;
– reduction of municipal expenditures on energy resources;
– improvement of technical condition of buildings;
– comfort of stay of patients.

On March 20-22, the training “Energy management in hospitals” took place in Lviv. The training for energy managers took place during three days, participants studied the basics of energy management of medical institutions, including technical aspects on real examples and found new opportunities for financing energy efficient measures.

One of the most interesting, according to the representatives of hospitals, is the motivation and attraction  of staff to the energysaving. The vast majority of energy managers are faced with insufficient wages, which in turn is noted on the competencies of the team.

All the presentations from the training you can find by the link:

Vasyl Melnychuk, energy manager from Zbarazh (Ternopil region) observes about practical exercice to determine the priority of energy saving measures and to calculate planned savings in conditions of limited funding:

“In our work, we are confronted with limited information and inaccurate data on buildings (health care facilities). It was this exercise that revealed the need to make a decision – to take responsibility. On the one hand, this is very simple, because it is our daily work, on the other – we need a more in-depth analysis, prioritizing energy efficient measures, the ability to allocate a strategic object, which should work, to maximize the attraction and use of funds. What’s interesting is that we managed to understand each other in a team, find a common goal and skill in communicating with us – this is the basis of success!”

Training “Energy management in hospitals” was held with the cooperation of NGO “Ecoclub” and GIZ within the framework of the project “Partnership for modernization: energy efficiency in hospitals”, carried out by GIZ on behalf of the German government.

Photos from the training in Lviv:


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