Energy of Change 2016 – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Energy of Change 2016

Location: Rivne, Ukraine

Dates: 09.16 – 12.16

Donors to the action: HEINRICH BOLL FOUNDATION, Deutsch-Russischer Austausch (Berlin)

Objectives and results of the action:

The project aim: to increase the capacity of local teams, initiatives and organizations working in the areas of climate change and Ukrainian energy through the establishment of internal and external links and the creation of a common vision for the development of the Ukrainian climatic movement.
• 142 participants from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia;
• 15 partner organizations support PowerShift on different levels ;
• 33 projects from participants were presented during the event.
At the forum, participants have learned to overcome conflicts, shared their experience in implementing their own ideas in their communities and gained useful contacts of experts, partners, and resource organizations. At the end of the PowerShift, participants shared their ambitious plans for next year and find opportunities for synergies between their projects.
During Powershift 142 people shared their ideas and got strong understanding of important of sustainable development and environmental friendly development. They got a support of their projects from like-minded person and got a lot of advises how they can improve their initiatives.