Ecoclub’s report on humanitarian work for communities (August 1 – April 1) – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Ecoclub’s report on humanitarian work for communities (August 1 – April 1)

Ecoclub’s report on humanitarian work for communities (August 1 – April 1)

Russia’s full-scale invasion has been going on for well over a year. The enemy continues to shell the homes of Ukrainians, destroy infrastructure, destroy ecosystems, terrorize and intimidate the civilized world. That’s why we feel strongly motivated to continue our mission: to help those who have been forced to leave their hometowns or are in the occupied territory, those who are saving Ukrainians on the battlefield or fighting for their lives in hospitals every day. 

We present you the Ecoclub’s report for August 2022 – April 2023. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we cannot share the photos of all those whom we have helped as humanitarian aid. However, we can say with certainty that over the past few months, EcoClub members have helped more than thirty communities in Ukraine. Among them are the de-occupied parts of the country – the cities of Izyum and Balakliya.

We never tire of thanking our partners and all the benefactors who continue to help Ukrainians survive and win the war against Russia. Thanks to you, Ecoclub has distributed and sent more than 10 tons of essential items, food, medicine, and equipment.

The Ecoclub team and German volunteers

Thank you, friends, for your support of the Ukrainian people! We are working together for victory!

Donations collected from August 1, 2022, to April 1, 2023

– PayPal – UAH 39,223 (EUR 1,061.54)

– Donations on the card for energy managers help – UAH 32 420

– from the Charitable Foundation “Bread for the World” and Austausch e.V. – UAH 35,000


Oksana Pol’s Help for Rivne initiative (together with Nadja Maki’s Wir-Werk Foundation) and Moritz Baller’s Initiative

Medical supplies, medical kits, and backpacks for paramedics:

– Tactical backpack and first aid kit for medics from Rivne

– Backpack for paramedics from Kramatorsk, Donetsk region

– 2 backpacks for paramedics from Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk oblast

– 3 backpacks for paramedics from the Lviv region to provide assistance in the Donetsk combat axis

– Medical harnesses, anti-allergic medicines, joint gels, antibiotics, and hemostatic sprays for paramedics in Donetsk Oblast 

– About 20 first aid kits for a charity fund in the town of Selydove, Donetsk Oblast 

– About 20 first aid kits and 200 packages of medical supplies for a charity foundation in Bashtanka, Mykolaiv region

– 15 first aid kits and 50 packages of medical supplies for families in the Kharkiv region 

– 14 sets for first aid kits and more than 100 packages of medicines (anti-cold, anti-inflammatory) for people who stayed in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts

– A first aid kit for paramedics in Donetsk Oblast

– 15 physical therapy kits and a box of bandages for the hospital in Novoorzhyv community, Poltava Oblast

– Medical supplies for epilepsy worth 6 thousand euros for the “Treasury of Hope” Charitable Foundation


– 26 power banks, 10 solar chargers, 10 lanterns for Zvyagel City Council

– X-ray and lung ventilator for the hospital in Selydove, Donetsk oblast

– An ultrasound machine for a hospital in Bashtanka, Mykolaiv oblast

– About 15 solar panels for families from Zaporizhzhia

– 4 power banks and 11 solar chargers for families from the Kharkiv oblast

– Solar charger and power bank for a family from Rivne

– More than 50 heaters were sent to Zhmerynka, Ovruch, Kharkiv, and Poltava

– About 50 batteries for residents of Bakhmut

– 31 power banks with radios and 20 cans of baby food for residents of de-occupied villages in the Kharkiv region

– Starlink and 3 solar systems purchased for the Ecoclub

Starlink purchased for the Ecoclub

Food, hygiene products, clothing, etc.:

– 2 food sets and hygiene products for Volodymyr Sinitsa, energy manager from Tokmak, Zaporizhzhya oblast

– 2 food sets and clothes for Vitaliy Schneider, energy manager from Izium, Kharkiv oblast

– 30 boxes of food (cereals, canned food, sweets) and hygiene products for the residents of Izyum, Kharkiv oblast

– 2 food packages and clothes for Olga Barvinenko, an energy manager from Pokrovsk, Dnipropetrovsk oblast 

– 30 baby bottles, clothes, and hygiene kits for the hospital in Bashtanka, Mykolaiv region

– 4 tents and mattresses, 3 futons for families from Zaporizhzhia

– 10 sleeping bags and 10 carpets, 5 backpacks, a bicycle, 2 tents, and about 100 books for Zvyagel City Council

– About 20 packages of hygiene products and 100 packages of medicines for internally displaced palliative care patients in Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk

– A food package and hygiene products for internally displaced people from Kherson

– 20 boxes of snacks for internally displaced families living in Kyiv

– 55 packages of food (dry breakfasts and snacks) for families from Kramatorsk, Donetsk oblast

– 30 food packages, hygiene products, and pet food for the residents of Balakliya, Kharkiv oblast

– 4 boxes of snacks for families in Kharkiv oblast

– About 50 units of lactose-free baby food, 100 units of regular baby food and 30 hygiene kits, 50 packages of medical supplies for residents of Bashtanka, Mykolaiv oblast

– 5 food packages for families from Kharkiv

– Winter shoes and clothes for 4 families from Kharkiv

– 30 cans of specialized food and toys for a child from Chernivtsi

– A set of hygiene products and canned food for residents of the Donetsk oblast

– About 50 sets of hygiene products and 2 boxes of food for the hospital in Selydove, Donetsk oblast

– 50 packages of pasta products for the village of Novodonetskoye, Donetsk oblast

Food for animals:

– 15 kg for pets of residents of Balakliya, Kharkiv oblast

– 20 kg to the city of Izyum, Kharkiv oblast

– 15 kg to the city of Slavuta, Khmelnytsky oblast

– 20 kg for volunteers from Rivne

WECF (Women Engage for a Common Future)

Backpacks for paramedics:

– 12 – for the charitable organization “Charitable Foundation “Humanitarian Center of Kharkiv Region,” Kharkiv

– 8 – for the municipal non-profit enterprise “City Clinical Hospital No. 1”, Ivano-Frankivsk

– 5 – for the NGO “Media Hub «Open Space»

– 3 – for Zvyagel City Council

Support for energy managers

Thanks to the information support of the energy agency Energie- und Umweltzentrum Allgäu gemeinnützige GmbH, Klaus Hoppe Consulting, and other colleagues, EcoClub supports energy managers of Ukrainian communities. Between August 1, 2022, and April 1, 2023, we provided financial assistance to six energy managers. 


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