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Interest and analysis of resources – first steps of communities up to 100 RES%

Ukraine has opportunity to switch to 91% of renewable energy by 2050. Reducing CO2 emissions, developing local economies and the energy dependency of Ukrainian communities are part of the benefits of this transition. The first step is to analyze the potential of green energy on the ground.

On June 12, during a seminar in Khmelnytskyi Ecoclub told representatives of cities and amalgamated communities how to realize the potential of renewable energy in their communities, opportunities and obstacles in the energy transition process.

Activists presented a methodology developed jointly with the Khmelnytskyi Energy Cluster, whereby anyone interested can calculate the resources available for the implementation of solar, wind, biomass, hydropower projects. According to Natalia Kholodova, Project Coordinator of Ecoclub NGO, the methodology is aimed at people interested in the development of RES in Ukrainian communities. It does not have to have a profile education or practical experience in implementing RES projects. “It is important to follow the steps outlined in the methodology and understand the logic behind the process. Each territory has its own peculiarities – geographical, economic, political, so this is a generalized instruction. This method has already analyzed the RES potential of Khmelnytskyi region: for example, 1.6 million tonnes of oil equivalent – the potential of agricultural waste in the region. We hope that this analysis will help the leadership of the region and communities directly create attractive conditions for investors. And other cities will be inspired to analyze their potential and move to clean and safe local energy.”

During the event, Tetyana Zyatikova, Head of the Department of Infrastructure Projects, Energy Efficiency and Promotions of the Zhytomyr City Council, spoke about the plans and successes of Zhytomyr in the 100% energy transition by 2050. Zhytomyr was the first Ukrainian city that announced transition and signed a corresponding memorandum of gradual abandonment of fossil fuels that pollute the atmosphere, water and soil.

Halyna Zhuravska, Head of the Energy Management Department of the KP “Regional Development Agency” of the Slavutych City Council, shared the mechanisms of stimulating RES on the ground, as well as the experience of setting up a Sunny City cooperative in Slavutych.

Maxym Tkachuk, a representative of the Berezdivska amalgamated community also spoke about the creation of the energy cooperative. Due to the active position of the village council, about UAH 300,000 was raised from local farmers for its creation. Another 700,000 UAH was allocated by the village council through a local utility. This enterprise together with the farmers became members of the cooperative. Today, the cooperative is preparing to buy equipment for the production of fuel briquettes of straw, which was previously burned in the fields. The briquettes will be used to heat the local school. It will be about 20% cheaper than gas.

The participants also discussed strategic planning as an integral part of community energy development planning. They also received answers to all the questions they were interested in and discussed ways to solve problematic issues related to the 100% transition to RES.

The event was sponsored by the Heinrich Boell Foundation Regional Office in Ukraine.

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