Energy security during the war: Ukrainian NGO Ecoclub installed a solar power plant for the hospital in Zviahel – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Energy security during the war: Ukrainian NGO Ecoclub installed a solar power plant for the hospital in Zviahel

Energy security during the war: Ukrainian NGO Ecoclub installed a solar power plant for the hospital in Zviahel

The hospital in the city of Zviahel, in the Zhytomyr Oblast, received an alternative source of energy: a solar power plant. Its capacity is 32.4 kW. This amount of electricity is needed to keep 11 ventilators running, on which patients in the intensive care unit are fighting for their lives. Funds for the solar station NGO Ecoclub has received as part of a charity webathon. The installed power plant will guarantee energy security for the medical facility and help save money on utility bills every year. As a result, the sick and wounded will continue to receive medical care regardless of russian attacks.

KNP Novograd-Volynske Miskray TMO is a medical institution that, if necessary, guarantees the provision of medical assistance to approximately 170,000 residents of the Zhytomyr Oblast. During rolling blackouts and emergency power outages, the generator is turned on for the medical facility. However, even the capacity of the generator is not enough to supply all the needs of the hospital.

“In the intensive care unit, all patients are in severe condition. Recently, there have been problems with the power supply. However, the intensive care department units and operating rooms are all supplied with electricity from a generator switched on automatically. However, 30% of the rest of the medical units are not powered. The installed solar power plant will work with the generator and all hospital units will have an uninterrupted power supply,” says Vasyl Borys, general director of the Novograd-Volyn Territorial Medical Association.

Funds for the installation of the solar power plant for the hospital were received by Ukrainian energy-oriented environmental protection NGO Ecoclub as part of the “Sustainability4Ukraine” campaign from CSR.Ukraine and Dobro.UA. This was a 24-hour webathon during which organizations worldwide provided lectures about sustainable development and encouraged listeners to raise funds. In total, Ecoclub received $22 730 as part of the webathon.

According to preliminary calculations of KNP Novograd-Volynske Miskray TMO, with the installed solar power plant, it will be possible to save up to 500 thousand hryvnias a year on electricity supply services at the current electricity tariff. Vasyl Borys is convinced that planned savings will allow purchasing the necessary medical equipment and medicines or repairing a particular department.

“The operation of generators is a significant burden on the city budget. Such devices will not last long, and the price of their operation will increase over the years. Alternative energy sources, i.e. the installed solar power plant, will help us significantly save money from the local budget. This is a pilot project, and in the future we intend to equip with solar panels the water supply company. I am sure that this is the first important step towards the community’s energy independence,” adds Iryna Gudz, deputy mayor of Zviahel.

As part of the fundraising campaign, solar power plants will be installed for six more Ukrainian hospitals, for which environmentalists are currently collecting funds. Among them are medical facilities in Zhytomyr, Sumy, and Korosten Oblast. The Ecoclub team receives new requests for help from Ukrainian municipalities every day. Therefore, we would appreciate your donations to provide more hospitals with solar energy.

“Ukraine’s green recovery begins now according to new standards, which will become the norm after the victory against russia. Our fundraising campaign is an incredible story of Ukraine’s success and cooperation with the world. On the example of the hospital in Zviahel, we show that using solar energy is safe, sustainable, and economical. We understand that the transition from the use of oil and gas can take a long time. However, by helping to install solar power stations for Ukrainian hospitals, the world creates its chapter in the history of Ukraine and a future without war,” adds Dmytro Sakaliuk, Ecoclub expert.

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