Installation of a solar power plant on the roof of the Sumy City Clinical Hospital has begun

Installation of a solar power plant on the roof of the Sumy City Clinical Hospital has begun

Sumy region has been suffering from constant russians shelling since the first days of the open full-scale russian war. Last year, during power outages, medical facilities operated unstably and needed a backup power source. So was Sumy City Clinical Hospital, for which a solar power plant is being installed. It will increase the energy security of the medical facility during possible power outages.

“Development of renewable energy sources and implementation of sustainable solutions in the Sumy municipality is a priority for us. This means energy security and independence from fossil fuels. We are currently planning to build three solar power plants – for the children’s hospital, the city clinical hospital, and a greenhouse with Red Book plants. We also plan to install SPPs for the needs of the Elektroavtotrans utility company and the water utility,” says Oleksandr Lysenko, Mayor of Sumy.

33 solar panels with a total capacity of 20 kW will be installed on the roof. About 18.5 thousand euros were allocated from the city budget. The rest of the funds – 27,500 euros – were raised by the Ecoclub together with donors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Netherlands and Germany as part of the Solar Aid For Ukraine project. These funds will be used to install the remaining 40 kW.

The installation is expected to be completed by the end of June. According to preliminary calculations, the station will help save 11,5 thousand euros annually on utility bills. The saved funds will be used to implement energy efficiency measures in other medical facilities. 

“Ukrainian communities have started rebuilding, which is based on the principles of sustainable development. They are ready to implement solutions that will help them become energy independent and abandon fossil fuels. By the end of the summer, Ecoclub plans to help municipalities build eight more solar power plants in different regions of Ukraine. We continue to look for partners, including financial support and equipment, to implement even more projects,” emphasizes Dmytro Sakaliuk, an expert of the Ecoclub.

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