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Support for energy managers while the war: Oleksandr Karpenko

Support for energy managers while the war: Oleksandr Karpenko

It has been a month and a half since we started supporting energy managers affected by the war. 27 people have already received support in the amount of 100 euros, a total of 87,000 hryvnias has been spent. And we continue our collection, because even such small sums are very useful for people who have temporarily lost their home, work and are forced to rebuild their lives.

One of those supported by Ecoclub is Oleksandr Karpenko from Berdyansk. For several years he worked as an energy manager at the Berdyansk City Council, then managed the service, which recently provided services to almost 10,000 customers across Ukraine.

Among his achievements he singles out Berdyansk’s accession to the Covenant of Mayors in 2013 and the startup of energy monitoring.

With the beginning of the war, a month he spent in Mariupol, and then moved to Chortkiv, Ternopil oblast. And now he works on a voluntary basis in Chortkiv city agency.

“Today I am working on attracting investments, grants and relocating business to Chortkiv community, improving energy efficiency, including through the introduction of energy services, as well as other projects. The range of work is considerable, and most importantly to benefit the community.”

You can also support people who continue to build the country’s energy independence:

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