Who will go with Ecoclub on a study trip on energy efficiency?

In middle of May Ecoclub will go on a study trip to the cities of Western Ukraine. Its goal is to show for initiative communities the best examples of energy efficiency that they can implement themselves.

The 145 representatives of the united amalgamated communities and small cities expressed their wish to take part in the trip. Ecoclub has analyzed all submitted questionnaires and selected 20 participants.

Activists will visit objects that are the best examples of energy efficiency and green energy. The training will include stories about the changes in the energy sector in Ukraine over the past 3 years, the possibilities for cooperation between the communities in the field of State Energy Efficiency, organizational methods for stimulating energy efficient local solutions and the technical features of projects in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Check out the list of winners of the selection and more details (in Ukrainian)