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Adaptation to climate change

Adaptation to climate change

Every year, humanity suffers from abnormal heat, floods, forest fires, and other extreme weather events. These are consequences of climate change. It affects people’s quality of life and will force the rebuilding of the settlement’s infrastructure in the coming years.

Ukraine is planning post-war reconstruction, so it is already necessary to integrate adaptation measures into post-war municipality development strategies. It is more effective to plan climate change adaptation measures at the stage of developing recovery plans than to rebuild infrastructure in 10-15 years. This will improve people’s lives and save money on reconstructing the infrastructure of settlements. It will be easier to find potential donors or funding for project implementation for municipalities with high adaptive capacity that are aware of and make efforts to overcome climate threats and challenges.

What we do

– Help municipalities conduct climate change vulnerability assessments and develop adaptation measures (consultations, trainings, webinars).

– Share information for communities about climate change adaptation measures already implemented around the world. We focus on measures implemented in similar natural and economic environments. We influence draft national documents, prepare position papers and propose solutions.

– Analyze the vulnerability of communities to climate change and develop adaptation measures as part of the preparation of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs).

Results achieve

– The Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) of the Korosten community was developed and approved by the Joint Research Center of the European Union;

– We developed a study “Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of Rivne Municipality and Recommendations for Adaptation Measures”.

– Together with the NGO Ecosense, we developed recommendations for climate change adaptation in Zaporizhzhia during the post-war recovery.

– We have prepared more than 20 articles on climate change adaptation measures.

How to join this activity

– Attend Ecoclub events.

– Contact the Ecoclub for consultation, initiate the development of a community vulnerability assessment to climate change and the development of adaptation measures.

– Disseminate information about the importance of climate change adaptation.

– Implement local adaptation measures in their households.

– Support local initiatives that implement local adaptation measures.