Building the capacity of municipilaties – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Building the capacity of municipilaties

Building the capacity of municipilaties

As a result of the decentralization reform, municipalities have gained more opportunities for development. However, the institutional capacity of local governments in the climate, energy, and environmental sectors needs to be improved. Municipalities lack experience in creating energy and climate plans and measures, developing renewable energy sources, and ensuring environmental protection.  Therefore, it is important to share successful experiences and best practices among communities and involve them in influencing national decisions. 

What we do

– Advise Ukrainian municipalities in the development of energy and climate plans for community development.

– Share the awareness among Ukrainian authorities that environmental protection is one of the principles of the European Union, and that Ukraine should follow this approach.

– Provide training for local authorities in energy, climate and environmental issues.

– Organize discussions and comments on national policies together with local authorities.

– Prepare positions and comments on national policies in the energy, climate and environmental sectors.

– Provide subgrants for communities for climate and energy projects.

– Prepare a biweekly news digest of opportunities for municipalities.

Results achieved

– 5 constructed power plants for critical infrastructure facilities – medical facilities and a water utility.

– 50 feasibility studies for the development of renewable energy in municipalities: installation of solar power plants and heat pumps.

– More than 200 trainings for municipalities were held.

– Seven subgrants for municipalities totaling about 60 thousand euros were issued (within the framework of the project “Closing the Loop: Just Energy Transition Developed by Cities and Regions”).

– More than 50 issues of the energy and climate digest for municipalities.

How to join this activity

– Participate in discussions of regulations to improve legislation.

– Participate in competitions and trainings organized by Ecoclub and partners.

– Apply to the Ecoclub ( for joint project implementation, subject to availability of documentation and/or funding.