Bright eco-September in Rivne: how Ecoclub celebrated the 20th anniversary! – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Bright eco-September in Rivne: how Ecoclub celebrated the 20th anniversary!

A cozy picnic in the wood, an energetic quest in the city, eco-quiz and a Green Party for Friends – its 20th anniversary Ecoclub celebrate with distributing environmental values among the people. Talking about the love of nature and its conservation in an interesting and unusual format, we organized a series of events, which were united under the name “Eco-September in the city”, for people who throughout the whole time are part of Ecoclub or who only want to join green movement. As it was – in our report.

So, on September 17, we went on an excursion to the Dermansko-Ostrozky National Park. More than 50 people joined our campaign! We met the head of the Department of Science and Tourism Park Oksana Golovko. Together with her colleague Natalia, we traveled around the park’s paths, they told us about the peculiarities and diversity of local flora and fauna. Mushroom pickers were waiting for a special surprise – the park full of mushrooms, the girls held an interesting lecture and showed some unusual species.
After a tour, everyone was waiting for a real forest porridge, cooked at the hearth, and a master class on herbs, well, fragrant herbal tea, respectively. Mysteries of medicinal herbs were shared by Egor Malinovsky and Igor Selepina. During such a cozy lunch in the bosom of nature, children and adults met with each other, competed in the quest, the most active received the gift of branded cookies of Ecoclub and tickets to the cinema.

DSC_0682The feedback of the participants of the tour shows a warm and friendly atmosphere, here are some of them: “On Sunday, the Ecological Center set off for the birthday of Ecoclub in the Dermansko-Ostrozky Park – for the first time, both children and teachers and parents and good friends went to large and pleasant places for the first time. company. A good start to the new school year!”

On September 24 we traveled the green eco-quest to the Green Mile. Participation in it took 10 mega-steep teams, which even the rain did not prevent to solve all our riddles and overtake all locations. Participants in the quest showed that not every ability to solve the rebuses, the “light bulb” rebus became one of the most unexpected and difficult. The “Law of Oma” team won the victory.
For help in the organization, we thank our friends from Q-18 quest room and ENCOUNTER city action games network in Rivne, namely Sergey Gavrusev.

On September 28, Ecoclub invited one of the most favorite entertainment equations – the QuizKOTE quiz. The drive game this time was devoted to the environment. During the evening, about 30 registered teams were discussing interesting, tricky, funny, enthusiastic questions, trying to figure out the flowers in the drawings. The winners are “Pub’lic”. The ecoclub team named “Zefirchik” won the 7th place. One of the most popular questions of our Zeiters, on which they have not been able to find the right answer:”January 11 is the International Day of Reserves. Six months ago a certain reserve, covering an area of 227 thousand hectares, was finally legally registered. According to some versions it plans to restore the fauna of the Pleistocene era. And what toponym is part of his name?”

And already on September 30, Ecoclub met the guests at the Green Party, which we prepared for members of the organization, volunteers, partners, colleagues and friends from different parts of Ukraine. We also shared our achievements and plans for the future with our own cake. Members of the organization solemnly received membership cards, partners – thanks for the cooperation. And there were many smiles, an embrace of free communication, a discussion of further cooperation, delicacies and, of course, photos.

Ecoclub sincerely thanks all the people who help and help, give advice, develop our business, started 20 years ago, so that we become even better and more effective.
Thanks to the Multiplex Cinema partners Era, the Teplosfera Company for helping organize a bright, rich Eco-September, through which our event participants were able to learn more about the environment and win the prizes. Also, thanks to the team “Space” for providing a room for the party.