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Support Ukraine in the war

What is Ecoclub Doing and Why? During this full-scale aggression, the Russian army has destroyed or seized more than 400 educational institutions, at least 36 health care facilities, 1,600 residential […]

What you should know about formaldehyde

What you should know about formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is everywhere – in water, air, food, in our homes, and even in our bodies. This organic compound of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen has become indispensable in many spheres […]

Inna Mulyavka

Inna Mulyavka

Communication Officer of Ecoclub Inna Muliavka is a communication officer at Ecoclub. She is responsible for running social networks and filling the organization’s website, newsletters, information support of projects, creation, […]


If you have the opportunity and desire to make a significant contribution to the environment, we invite you to become a volunteer of Ecoclub by filling out a volunteer application. […]

To join

In order to become a member of the Ecoclub, you need: Fill in the application to join the organization (reference to the application) Submit the application to the office “EcoClub” […]

Welcome to the Climate Ambitions of Cities Forum

On November 28-29, mayors of Ukrainian cities, members of the Government, scientists, public figures and top experts will gather in Lviv at the National Climate Ambitions of Cities Forum to […]

Energy management in hospitals: saving money and comfort

The cost of energy consumption in budgetary institutions of Ukraine is three times higher, compared to European countries. Due to inefficient energy consumption, obsolete infrastructure and lack of energy management, […]