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Energy Cooperatives: Energy Independence for Communities

Energy cooperatives are an effective tool for providing communities with energy, development of local economy and savinf of environment. The experience of Austria, Denmark, Germany and other European countries, where the number of such cooperatives is constantly growing, shows good prospects for Ukrainian communities.

This is stated in the booklet published by the Ecoclub. It discusses the concepts and principles of operation of energy cooperatives, legal framework, economic models, Ukrainian examples, as well as instructions on how to create your own energy cooperative.

“Every year, every community that uses gas for heating pays for energy from ten million hryvnias to several billion. These funds are almost completely withdrawn from the local economy and go to pay for gas and electricity, – says Andriy Martyniuk, head of NGO Ecoclub and one of the authors of the publication. – Energy cooperatives can be a powerful impetus for the local economy, as local farmers and entrepreneurs will receive the money through the production of pellets or briquettes for heating. Power plants that use solar radiation, wind or biomass can also develop communities, especially if such businesses are community owned. Today, the only obstacle to the creation of energy cooperatives is low awareness and lack of trust between people.”

The publication will be useful for representatives of local government, business and communities.

In it readers will find information about the Feed-in tariff for various renewable energy facilities, as well as a detailed description of the work of the Berezdivskii Energy Cooperative – from project idea to production plan and cost of production, sales plans.

Download booklet (in Ukrainian)

This brochure was created by Ecoclub NGO as part of the project “Turning Local Resource Potential into the 100% RES Process” with the financial support of the Representative Office of the Fund. Heinrich Böll in Ukraine. The content of this work is the sole opinion of the authors and does not necessarily reflect the official position of the Delegation of the Foundation. Heinrich Böll in Ukraine or the German Government.