Training and grants for community energy development – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Training and grants for community energy development

Ecoclub with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine is seeking active communities to participate in the project “Communities advance sustainable energy solutions (CASES)”.

Within the project we:

  • help amalgamated communities and municipalities to increase their knowledge of green energy;
  • establish cooperation between local authorities, businesses and activists for sustainable energy development of the community;
  • financially support projects that will reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Applicants must be officially registered at the time of application:

  • amalgamated communities and municipalities;
  • non-profit public organizations (with the status of a legal entity in the territory of the applicant community);
  • business organizations and individual entrepreneurs doing business on a community basis.
    * To submit an application, the Applicant must form a team (minimum of 3 persons), which must include: local authorities, business representatives (legal entity) and the public (not necessarily legal entity).

Main stages of the project:

  • competition for applications from communities;
  • selection of 12 winning communities;
  • seminars on the development and implementation of sustainable development projects in communities;
  • development of project ideas;
  • selecting communities to co-finance projects;
  • implementation of projects.

Contest Details (in Ukrainian) 


Deadline for admission: December 1st.


Dmytro Sakaliuk, representative of  NGO Ecoclub,
+38 067 3634110