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Energy Efficiency Workshops for Zhytomyr

Zhytomyr has just announced the transition to 100% renewable energy sources by 2050 and is already actively working. Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings is the first step towards economic growth and energy independence of the city. How to save energy and money, save the environment and live in comfort representatives of the budget sphere and condominiums of Zhytomyr at the workshops of Ecoclub.

On July 2-3, at the invitation of the Zhytomyr City Council, Ecoclub Energy Efficiency Experts held training sessions for representatives of budget institutions and heads of condominiums.

During the workshop, the participants received tools for assessing the potential of energy-efficient measures and first applied them using datas of their own houses. In discussing the assessments received, the participants identified which energy efficiency measures should be implemented in the homes first, which have a quick payback, understood the importance of energy monitoring.

For example, most of the high-rise buildings in Zhytomyr are still not equipped with heat meters. Experts explained that meters are the best incentive to save energy. They allow you to pay only for actually consumed thermal energy, and not for losses in heating networks. Without a precise accounting of energy consumption, it is extremely difficult to plan energy-saving measures.

Participants of the event also received information on existing IQ energy credit programs, the Energy Efficiency Fund. With the help of programs, all interested can take advantage of loans for insulation, replacement of windows, doors, equipment, installation of individual thermal points.

Interesting: The amount of rent in the condominiums of Zhytomyr reaches 7 UAH / m2 (in Rivne ≈ 3 UAH / m2). Higher rent allows you to accumulate funds for the implementation of energy saving measures in the house.

Together with representatives of budget institutions, they talked about the importance of encouraging employees to achieve savings. Everyone agreed that money saved through energy efficient measures should remain in the budget of institutions and go for their development – this is the best motivation. Today Zhytomyr City Council is developing regulations on such technical and material incentives. Therefore, the results of the discussion will be provided by the Ecoclub for the officials in the form of recommendations.

Interesting: Most energy in Zhytomyr is consumed by institutions with pools. The least – those that were insulated.

“With the decentralization cities are getting more opportunities and resources for development, in particular in energy efficiency, – commented Dmytro Sakaliuk of the Ecoclub. – It is important to inform them about these opportunities, talk about the tools of effective energy management, to show in practice the best European practices that are already successful in Ukraine: energy service contracts, revolving funds. Only citizens and local self-government initiatives will be able to fully utilize the energy efficiency potential we possess, achieve energy independence and a comfortable microclimate in the cities”.


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