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Energy saving in our homes!

Under such a slogan on October 25, Ecoclub held classes for pupils 1-4 and 6-7 in Dubno. In two hours we had time to play a quiz, draw energy-efficient homes and talk about the eco-skills of children.

It is nice to join the formation of the eco-values of the pupils and to see that children grow up aware of technology and seek to preserve nature. So, during the drawing of houses, schoolchildren “equipped” their homes with the future of solar panels, windmills, heat regulators, LED lamps, efficient sanitary ware, insolated the roof and walls.

Unexpectedly, in the classroom there was a discussion about the use of disposable plastic utensils. Together with the representatives of Ecoclub, the children figured out how many such dishes accumulate after one trip to the forest of one class, how many – from the whole school, and the period of the schedule of such a garbage dump in the landfill.

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Upon completion of the event, the Dubno Municipal Council awarded the winners of the children’s drawing contest “Energy Saving in Our Homes”.

The event organized by the management of the economy and property of the Dubenska City Council within the framework of the “Active Citizens” program of the British Council in Ukraine with the support of the Youth Platform (Lutsk). Thank you Olesia Sushko, Specialists of the City Department of Economics and Property.

Special thanks to Oksana Pavlenko, volunteer for the Ecoclub, who assisted in conducting classes for schoolchildren. Do you like to work with schoolchildren, students? Would you like to become involved in the distribution of environmental assets? Join Ecoclub! Together we can more.

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