Help local authorities in the preparation of regional energy efficiency program and Improved management of communal energy in Rivne region

Location: Rivne, Ukraine

Dates: 15.03.15-30.06.15

Donors to the action: HEINRICH BÖLL FOUNDATION

Objectives and results of the action:
The project aim: improving the efficiency of public energy service by formulation a technical task for the development of the creation and implementation of a Rivne Oblast Energy Efficiency Program
• to develop common requirements for the Energy Efficiency Program in Rivne Oblast a working group was created.
• 2 meetings were held on the discussion and presentation of the Public Requirements and the National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency.
• Due to the involvement of different experts, it was possible to prepare a qualitative and progressive document with a list of public requirements for an oblast energy efficiency program. The final version was presented within the framework of the round table “National and local energy efficiency programs” organized by the Ecoclub together with the National Ecological Center of Ukraine and the Public Support Network “Opora”.
• A seminar-workshop on energy efficiency and energy saving was organized jointly with the Rivne Regional State Administration – 23 was attended by deputy heads of the district state administrations.
• 40 posters with information about the energy consumption of the facility were placed in 2 cities.