Eco-activists have installed informational boards in the botanical reserve “Kvitucha hora”

From March National Power Company “Ukrenergo” declares its intention of building high-voltage transmission line “North-Lutsk Ternopil”. Some of electric pillar will pass through the botanic reserve “Kvitucha hora” near  village Mylcha, Dubno district. Despite Ukrenergo statement that construction will not harm nature reserve, eco-activists are concerned, because even now the towers cut down trees and shrubs height above 2 meters, that can not do in the reserves.

12 security and 2 information signs were installed on September 23 in the botanic reserve “Kvitucha hora” by Ecoclub activists, representatives of the Foundation for Youth Initiatives “Wings” and pupils of Ecological Center of the Palace of Children and Youth. Activists believe, it will contribute to effectively informing visitors about the boundaries of the reserve, its features, operation and rules of conduct during their stay.

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Встановлення інформаційних знаків у ботанічному заказнику "Квітуча гора"