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They work! Presentations of seminar on energy cooperatives

17-19 October 2016 in the village Slavsko (Lviv region) held a seminar on “Energy cooperatives in Ukraine.” Energy cooperatives – a tool that allows everyone to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Provided that the implementation of such models of self and local communities helps to achieve energy independence and develop local entrepreneurship.

Workshop participants reviewed the state of the cooperative movement in Ukraine, legal aspects and characteristics, within which there are existing agricultural and energy cooperatives in Ukraine, the experience of the cooperative movement and the development of renewable energy sources in Germany and Georgia, the economic model in terms of energy cooperatives Ukraine. However, the participants got acquainted with the experience of taking up energy towards agricultural cooperatives “Berry Edge” from Ternopil and “Selyskyy estate” in Zacarpathia. As a result of the seminar turned out very interesting model of energy cooperatives, the creation of which today can begin the participants.

All material with presentations available in Ukrainian

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