Rivne officials urged not to lag behind in energy efficiency – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Rivne officials urged not to lag behind in energy efficiency

On the anniversary of the Revolution Advantages Ecoclub held in Rivne Forum on Energy efficiency. The aim of event – to push our region to activities aimed at gaining energy independence. Energy efficiency – is the first and most important, what state, region and city should strive to be independent of energy supplies to other countries, create new jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
The event brought together over 60 participants. Active catizens, head of condominiums, representatives of local businesses, officials, NGO and experts in energy efficiency.

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Dmytro Sakalyuk, Project Coordinator at Ecoclub, presented an analysis of the Action Plan for sustainable energy development (SEAP), designed for Rivne in the frame of the Covenant of Mayors. “SEAP – is a good document, available today only for 13% of cities in Ukraine. It shows where we are and where we should move in energy consumption. However, when the plan was adopted already complied with the indicators, it is a profanation, ” – concluded the expert.

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