Ecoclub Report on Humanitarian Aid for communities (May 10–August 1) – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Ecoclub Report on Humanitarian Aid for communities (May 10–August 1)

Ecoclub Report on Humanitarian Aid for communities (May 10–August 1)

“Sky for kites, not rockets”, says Ukrainian kids. However, until Ukrainian sky is not clear and safe Ecoclub continues to help communities and people, who suffered because of Russian aggression.

We present to you report about our support during May–August. Unfortunately, because of safety measures, we can share with you only small number of photos from those we support. Nevertheless, Ecoclub with great gratitude share the information and contributions of our partners, thanks to whose restless work we have the resources to help Ukrainians in this difficult time.

Thank you, friends.


Collected donations (May 10–August 1)

PayPal — 6000 UAH (100 euro and 50 USD)

Dmytro Sakalyuk card for support of energy managers — 7600 UAH (190 EUR)


Oksana’s Paul initiative “Help for Rivne” along with Nadja’s Maki “Wir-Werk”

Medicine — hospital in the Poltava; help to the refugee center in Klevan through the Innovation Center; Lozova hospital (Kharkiv region); Selidove hospital (Donetsk region); Dnipro (plasters, bandages); Kostyantynivka community (Donetsk region); “Hospitaliers”; Kharkiv NGO “Help 0572”; Rivne “Plast” for an ambulance doctor in the East; private individuals Kharkiv region; Bashtanka (Mykolaiv region); Myrnograd hospital (Donetsk region); private individuals Sumy region, Rivne region children’s hospital.

8 bags for paramedics — Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kramatorsk

Tablets — 5 for Bashtanka, 10 for Selidove, 5 for Novohrad-Volynskyi

Solar panels — Selidove communal services (Donetsk region), Zaporizhzhia, Myrnograd

40 power banks — Selidove municipal services (Donetsk region)

Children’s books about Butz and Rosie by Ruth Feil — Refugee Center in Klevan through the Innovation Center, Svitlo Christian School, Novohrad-Volynskyi, Rivne.

Bicycle from Christian Pol — Novohrad-Volynskyi (Zhytomyr Region).

The transportation of all humanitarian aid from Munich to Rivne is carried out at the expense of the “Help for Rivne” initiative and the Wir-Werk fund.

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Moritz Baller initiative

Food package for an energy manager (Bershad) in the cities of Mykolaiv; Selidove (Donetsk region); Zelenodolsk; Myrnograd hospital; package for an energy manager in the Cherkasy region; Svitlovodsk; Kremenchuk; Terebovlia; Pokrovske; Kherson; Kopychyntsi; the Refugee Center and the Bashtanka City Council; Mykolaiv region; Chuguyiv (Kharkiv region); assistance to the refugee center in Klevan through the Innovation Center; displaced persons from the village of Zarichne (Rivnensky region); displaced persons from Sukhiv (Poltava region); Novohrad -Volynskyi, community of Pryluky; community of Kostyantynivka (Donetsk region);”Hospitaliers”; Kharkiv NGO “Help 0572”; private individuals; Kharkiv region; family of immigrants from Kherson.

Hygiene products Selidove; Myrnograd hospital; Refugee Center in Bashtanka, Mykolaiv region; Chuguyiv (Kharkiv region); Kharkiv NGO “Help 0572”, families of energy managers in Pokrovske (Dnipropetrovsk region); Kremenchuk; Barvinkove; Svitlovodsk; internally displaced persons in Rivne.

Medicine — Merefa hospital; masks and antiseptics for the regional children’s hospital in Rivn; the Refugee Center and the City Council in Bashtanka, Mykolaiv Region; Selidove Hospital (Donetsk Region); Lozova Hospital (Kharkiv Region), Myrnograd Hospital.

Feed for animals — Avdiyivka (via the NGO “Yedina Planeta”);families of internally displaced persons in Zarichny (Rivne region); Kopychyntsi, Donetsk region; 60 kg pet food for shelter in Kyiv region; displaced persons in Horodok, Khmelnytskyi region; Kharkiv NGO “Help 0572”.

Crutches – 5 pairs for Refugee Center and The City Council of Bashtanks (Mykolaiv Region); 98 – Hospitallers Medical Battalion.

Household items — candles — Zelenodolsk (Dnipropetrovsk region); batteries — Refugee Center and The City Council in Bashtanka (Mykolaiv region), sleeping bags — Dnipro, clothes — Pryluky (Chernihiv region), candles, batteries, disposable tableware — Druzhkivka (Donetsk region), toys — Demydivka.

Medical equipment — X-ray, children’s weighing scales, electric breast pump, Myrnograd hospital; wheelchairs for Dyadkovitsa hospital with palliative care center, 1 wheelchair and 11 stits — hospital in Dnipro.

Astrid Schneider, Eurosolar and private donors — Novograd-Volynskyi (Zhytomyr region); Myrnograd, Kramatorsk, Selidove (Donetsk region); Kharkiv; Zelenodolsk (Dnipropetrovsk region).

Astrid Schneider, Eurosolar and private donors

Novograd-Volynskyi (Zhytomyr region); Myrnograd, Kramatorsk, Selidove (Donetsk region); Kharkiv; Zelenodolsk (Dnipropetrovsk region).

Volunteer doctors from Munich (Solomia and Roman Moroz, Daryna Kechur, Vitaly Dyachun)

Ultrasound devices — Selidove (Donetsk region); Bashtanka (Mykolaiv region)

8 infusion machines — 4 to Myrnograd hospitals, 4 to Selidovy hospitals (Donetsk region);

two backpacks for paramedics — Dnipro;

X-ray — Selidove (Donetsk region);

Medical ventilator —Selidove (Donetsk region);

Infusomat — Selidove;

Ultrasonography —Bashtanka;

X-ray — Myrnograd.

“Bread for the World” charity fund and DrA 

Solar chargers (64,000 UAH) — Novohrad-Volynskyi (Zhytomyr region), Myrnograd, Selidove (Donetsk region) 

Food (34,525 UAH) — Pavlograd (Dnipropetrovsk region) 

50 turnstiles “Dnipro” — Kharkiv region via NGO “Opora” (Rivne)

Food for Pavlograd

Support of energy managers

Thanks to the informational support of the energy agency Energie- und Umweltzentrum Allgäu gemeinnützige GmbH, Klaus Hoppe Consulting and other colleagues, Ecoclub has the opportunity to support energy managers from Ukrainian communities that stuck in the warzone, in occupied territories or in cities that suffered because of enemy attacks.

The stories of those who agreed to tell about themselves publicly

So far, we have already helped 27 energy managers with donations in the amount of 100 euros (in hryvna equivalent). In total we collected 87,000 in money, another 5000 — in material aid (things, products, clothes, inventory). 5 more applications need funding.

To Support energy manager(s)