Switch to the Sun – live in Comfort! – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Switch to the Sun – live in Comfort!

“Switch to the Sun – live in Comfort!” is Ecoclub four-year project implemented in Ukraine and Georgia and started in 2011.
This project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the international network of women’s organizations “Women in Europe for a Common Future» (WECF) together with partners in Ukraine: National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, Tatarbunary regional public environmental organization “Revival” and City Public Organization ” Ecoclub”.

Summary of project tasks:

– Show all availability and feasibility of using solar energy;
– Teach those who want to heat water and to heat homes using solar energy;
– Teach interested insulate buildings and use simple methods of energy conservation;
– To reduce energy dependence families;
– Prevent negative consequences of burning wood, peat and other energy resources.

One of the available solar energy technology that extends the project, a solar collector to heat the water. Solar collector – a passive installation that operates without pumps, fluid moves in it the principle of convection. It consists of an absorber heat exchanger, tanks and connecting pipes.
Needs to establish enough solar collector area of ​​2 square meters. This collector can heat 200 liters of water a few hours of sunshine.
Instructions for the production of solar collectors for water heating.

You can consult and / or meet with designers who have personally installed solar water heaters. To do this, please contact the City Public Organization “Ecoclub”.

Project Manager: Oksana Majboroda
Email: oksana@ecoclubrivne.org,
Tel: +38 0362 26 78 91 or 067 363 62 26