CLEEN – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO


CLEEN – a three-year project that aims to create and develop partnership network between NGOs of Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine and increase their capacity in the field of energy efficiency. Selected team members working on projects that are a priority for them, improving their organizational abilities, formation and monitoring of local energy policy, exchange experiences with international partner organizations.
The project was developed and operates the site CLEEN page on Facebook.

The project is funded by the European Union. In Ukraine, the selection of participants and further support their activities in the project deals with NGO “Ecoclub” (Rivne).

The project is not yet complete, but results for now:
o 6 sub-grantees successfully attracted co-funding and completed projects promoting energy efficiency in their communities. Sub-grantees activity expanded to 9 communities in oblasts of their activity.
o Study visit from Moldova to Ukraine organised jointly by sub-grantees with minor support of Ecoclub. A groups of municipal energy managers continue acting in Ukraine sharing best practices of their municipalities.
o 23 (in 2015) +15(in 2016) CSO staff in Ukraine have enhanced skills in 3 areas can contribute to public policy analysis with focus on energy sector, monitor performance, participate in developing local strategies and train others
o 9596 people took part in project events; 2631 received consultations;44 500 receiving better services: energy and education; 1,8 mil. people reached via media outreach informed about local best practices energy/cost
o 1 regional platform with the focus on EE is established and involves 30 grass root CSO’s in four countries
o e-learning course published on the CLEEN site

First year CLEEN project results.