Support for energy managers while the war: Yana Bondarenko – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Support for energy managers while the war: Yana Bondarenko

Support for energy managers while the war: Yana Bondarenko

Due to the russian attack, Yana Bondarenko temporarily lost her job and was forced to leave her home, which is under threat of shelling. Prior to that, the woman worked as the Deputy Head of the Department for Efficient Use of Natural Resources and Energy Management of the Mykolayiv City Council.

“My direct activity is energy monitoring in institutions financed from the city budget. Daily work is connected with the analysis of consumption, conducting consultative and explanatory work for the purpose of formation of energy-saving behavior at energy managers of objects and heads of establishments. For two years I am lecturing at retraining courses in the field of energy management. I am very inspired when I observe the result of my work, when people’s consciousness and attitudes change, or when people receive interesting and useful information from me, expand their worldview and create frugal behavior in energy consumption.”

Ecoclub provided financial assistance to Yana (thanks to your contributions!), as well as products from

We wish Yana victory as soon as possible and return to her favorite job!

With your help we have already helped 29 energy managers with support in the amount of 100 euros and we have 8 more applications.

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