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Support for energy managers while the war: Pavlo Riabchuk

Support for energy managers while the war: Pavlo Riabchuk

Ecoclub continues to support energy managers affected by the war. With your help, we have already helped 31 energy manager(s) financially with €100 support, another 10 have received food and stuff, and we have 4 more applications for support.

One of those supported by Ecoclub is Pavlo Riabchuk. Before the russian invasion, Pavlo worked as a leading specialist in the department of energy management, energy efficiency and investments of the executive committee of the Polohy city territorial community of Zaporizhzhia oblast.

“I worked in this position for more than a year. My duties included energy monitoring of public institutions, since the beginning of my work I managed to cover 100% of such buildings. We had many plans to increase the energy efficiency of the community, I participated in the GIZ project, where I increased the ability to analyze and manage energy resources in order to reduce their consumption.

In November, we won the competition for the best idea to create an energy cooperative – we planned to establish a cooperative and install a solar power plant for the city’s water supply. Due to worn-out technical equipment and high energy costs, it was the community’s most unprofitable utility company. The implementation of this project provided for the own production of electricity for the city water supply. This would make it possible to make water supply tariffs more stable and affordable, and cooperative depositors to regularly receive funds as dividends, additional income.

(More about this and other ideas of energy cooperatives for Ukrainian communities).

Unfortunately, due to the war, we did not have time to realize this plan, we are waiting for our victory and then we will resume work on the development of the community’s energy independence,” – Pavlo shares.

Today he lost his job, together with his family was forced to leave his home in Polohy, temporarily lives in Dnipro.

We wish Pavlo and all internally displaced Ukrainians to return to their homes as soon as possible and feel safe!

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