Support for energy managers while the war: Antonina Ryabokon – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Support for energy managers while the war: Antonina Ryabokon

Support for energy managers while the war: Antonina Ryabokon

Ecoclub continue to support war-affected energy managers.

Another energy manager who received help from Ecoclub (100 euros) is Antonina Ryabokon from the Zelenodolsk Territorial Community.

Prior to the invasion, Antonina worked in local government, in the department of housing and communal services and worked part-time as an energy manager.

Controlled the use of energy resources by budget institutions, communities in this new work had difficulties: both with cooperation with state farms, and with the use of energy resources. There were situations with unreasonably high water consumption that needed to be addressed.

She also prepared institutions for the heating season and more.

Today Antonina is abroad and can not continue to officially work with the usual tasks:
“It’s too early to talk about returning home to work, the situation in the community is changing, now it’s difficult. We miss our relatives at home, we are worried about the uncertainty ahead, I am worried together with my colleagues whether we will be able to prepare for the heating season. “

We would like to remind you that with your help we have already helped 29 energy managers with financial support in the amount of 100 euros, 5 have received products and things, and we have 5 more applications for support. So we continue to collect help and we will be very grateful for any of your donations!

Please, support people who continue to build the country’s energy independence:

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